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Edward L. Hsiao 3rd February 2020 08:08

Oberst Gerhard Kahtz
The head of the German Air Force Assistance in the 1960's was Oberst Gerhard Kahtz. He later became the first commander of the Nigerian Air Force. Does anybody have more information of the life of Gerhard Kahtz? He was born on November 26,1922 and was probably a Luftwaffe officer pilot during WWII.
By the way,what does the German Air Force Assistance Group do during the Cold War Era in the 1960's and 1970's? Does it work with Third World Countries in a need of an Air Force?

Edward L. Hsiao

Leendert 5th February 2020 21:26

Re: Oberst Gerhard Kahtz
The GAFAG was set up to help create the NAF. Second commander was a German too. See


AndyMa 6th February 2020 11:02

Re: Oberst Gerhard Kahtz
Kahtz was NAF commander from May63-Nov65 according to "The Nigerian Air Force at 40"

Edward L. Hsiao 7th February 2020 10:57

Re: Oberst Gerhard Kahtz
Thank you fellows for your replies. Oberst Gerhard Kahtz had to organize the Nigerian Air Force from scratch. The people of Nigeria who were in the Nigerian Air Force looked up at Kahtz as a good organizer and good leader. Kahtz must have been awarded a high neck order from the Nigerian government.


Edward L. Hsiao

Edward L. Hsiao 12th February 2020 09:11

Re: Oberst Gerhard Kahtz
I wonder if there were any Germans that were with Kahtz in the organization of the Nigerian Air Force? Especially if these Germans were from the WWII Luftwaffe that served with the Bundeswehr?
Did the German Air Force Assistance Group helped with other countries in a need of an air force after Nigeria?

Edward L. Hsiao

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