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Andrew Arthy 30th October 2015 10:19

Werner Zirus
Werner Zirus, the former Schlachtgeschwader 2 and Schlachtgeschwader 10 pilot and author of Als Schlachtflieger im Einsatz, passed away on 18 September 2015. Werner saw service in Sicily, North Africa, Sardinia, and on the Eastern Front between 1942 and 1945, initially flying the Bf 109, and later the FW 190. He claimed several aerial victories, including a B-17 and two Il-2s.

His contribution to Morten and my Focke-Wulf Fw 190 in the Battle for Sicily book was very valuable indeed. When I first contacted him in 2003 he was (understandably) very surprised to receive a letter from a young Australian historian, but he kindly answered all my questions. He was one of the first veterans I ever corresponded with. Morten was subsequently able to meet and interview him, and had a most enjoyable visit.

As far as I know, Werner never finished Band 2 of his memoirs, but he was working on it. He had quite a few stories to tell from his time in Russia, so hopefully something becomes of the manuscript.

Andrew A.

leonventer 31st October 2015 07:28

Re: Werner Zirus
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the update. I've been curious about Werner's second volume for some time now. It's sad that he might not have been able to complete it, but I hope it does eventually appear in some form or another.

Best regards,
Leon Venter

Johannes 3rd November 2015 12:16

Re: Werner Zirus
Hi Andrew

I have him born on 29th December 1922. Injured baling-out of his Fw190 on 11th December 1944. I have the two Il-2's on 20th and 23rd November 1944 with 1./SG 10, and have him flying with 1./SG 2 and 2./SG 2 previously, but can't find a claim for a "viermot" for him. Could you please enlighten me. Also did he return to combat after his inuries in December 1944/

Kind regards


Roger Gaemperle 20th November 2017 11:01

Re: Werner Zirus
Digging up an old thread about Werner Zirus.

I have the same question as Johannes in 2015: Did Zirus fly anymore after his injury in December 1944? Does anybody know?


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