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keith A 22nd December 2007 20:55

213 and Me110s
This squadron claimed 3 Me110S during an attack on an airfield in Yugoslavia in September 1944. Does anyone know which LW unit was involved?

Schenck 23rd December 2007 12:56

Re: 213 and Me110s
It seems to me it corresponds to W. Johnen: ‘Duel under the stars’, page 182 –183, when one flight of 4 Bf 110s was intercepted while on transfer flight from Novi Sad to Hodchak (Odzaci, Serbian province Vojvodina).
No 213 reported intercepting 4 Bf 110s over Backi - at landing ground S.52 - shooting down 3 Bf 110: one crashed in flames, crews escaped, one crash-landed, one dived vertically into the ground.
Johnen quotes 2 crews crashing in flames, one crash-landing, 2 dead, 2 badly wounded, 3 slightly wounded.
So it should be 8./NJG 6.
I almost forgot, in Johnen's narrative and time-line, he places this on 7/9/44, while claims of No 213 are on 6/9/44.

Chris Goss 23rd December 2007 13:33

Re: 213 and Me110s
Werner Kock's NJG 6 KTB says that 5-6 Sep 44, a Bf 110 was shot down near Targusorul with Uffz Leopold Hudec + 2 missing. 6-7 Sep 44, 8/NJG 6 lost 2 near Hodosan. Fw Herbert Hubtatsch wounded, 2 killed; Uffz Max Loock wounded, 2 unwounded

Nick Beale 23rd December 2007 15:52

Re: 213 and Me110s
The other Bf 110s based in Yugoslavia around that time were from (IIRC but I'd need to look it up) 3./NAG 2.

keith A 25th December 2007 11:55

Re: 213 and Me110s
Thanks chaps. I wonder which unit hit NJG6 in July?

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