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Barb M. 28th February 2007 21:01

Did Americans have lists of Luftwaffe POWs?
I’ve read letters home from an American Colonel of the 79th Div Artillery who “inspected 150 miles of DP and PW camps” in and around Schweinfurt, on Sept.6/45, where my father was interned.
Mainberg (American) letters home 1945

A General Watson also visited POW camps there.

I'm looking for my father's name at the Schweinfurt POW camp(s), where he was a prisoner at war's end. He was a Luftwaffe pilot, having received his training somewhere "in France".

Schweinfurt was a Luftwaffe Flugplatz, just west of the city, with a grass airfield, Ju-87Stuka trainees apparently used it. Trainees flew to Sulzheim, SE of Schweinfurt. After US occupation, it was CONN Barracks, and LEDWARD Barracks.

My dad, Karl Heinz Linke, born July 24 1925, would’ve been 20 when he was a POW at Schweinfurt. I don’t know when his pilot training had been completed, said he trained somewhere in France. He admitted on his solo test flight, he “hard-landed” a plane in a field (somewhere) when visibility became poor and he could no longer find the railway tracks he was to follow. He said he had to wait in a farmer’s barn a couple of days, then the plane was transported back to the training area on a flatbed truck, having had only the undercarriage damaged. Dad was instructed to ride in the cockpit of the disabled plane during the transport, the intended humiliation obviously achieved. I've looked at every picture I could find of lightly-damaged planes.

Are there release LISTS of Luftwaffe pow’s?
Are there pics of training activities, i.e. gliding?

My father died in 2005 of Alzheimer's Disease. Before he lost his memory, I got the following books: Luftwaffe Propaganda...a Pictorial History of the Luftwaffe in original German Postcards by James Wilson.

My Dad pointed eagerly to the Focke-Wulf 44 “Stieglitz”, and said “Mine” with a smile, adding nothing further.

Also, The Luftwaffe...from Training School to the Front, an Illustrated Study 1933-1945 by Michael Meyer & Paul Stipdonk. Also, The Luftwaffe in Camera 1942-1945, by Alfred Price. My Dad made no comments on these wonderful books, but looked at every picture.

I appreciate any link to which you could point me.
Thank you in advance.

Brian 28th February 2007 21:17

Re: Did Americans have lists of Luftwaffe POWs?
Hi Barb

I can't help at all but after reading your plea for assistance I wish you every success in your quest.

Best wishes

Barb M. 1st March 2007 00:17

Re: Did Americans have lists of Luftwaffe POWs?
Thank you, Brian, for your kind comment.

edwest 1st March 2007 03:53

Re: Did Americans have lists of Luftwaffe POWs?
Hi Barb,

This is the organization to contact: (you can click on English version if necessary)

Provide them with as much info as you can about where your father was from and if you have his identity disc (German version of the dog tag) and any papers or documents (awards, passes, identity book, etc.), let them know.

Good luck,
Ed West

Barb M. 1st March 2007 05:59

Re: Did Americans have lists of Luftwaffe POWs?
Ed, that site will be helpful. Thank you for your reply.

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