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BigWeeker 9th February 2021 13:02

Sea Rescue Flight, MEAF
Hello, Forumites
I am researching the activities of the SRF between 1941 and 1943 ( before it was “elevated” to squadron status - 294 Sqn)
The Annex to the squadron ORB goes back to 1941 ie when the Flight was established. It includes details of the Wellingtons on strength, by serial number, for the early part of its life - T2551, T2812, T2829, T2839 Z9027.
After mid 1942, the aircraft are referenced only by individual aircraft letter - Z, L, E, F, W, X, V, U, and T. Can anybody tie up aircraft letters to aircraft serials?
M Tia
Andy Bigweeker

JohanSWE 16th February 2021 18:19

Re: Sea Rescue Flight, MEAF
Hi Andy!

I wonder if you research also cover June/ July 1944? Italy and Adriatic Sea?


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