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keith A 7th April 2021 16:43

VB-18 aerial claims
I looked through the VB-18 war diary and have come up with a few questions from scanning it.

The list of aerial victories does not include the following individuals, all of who are decorated for these and other actions Lt JG Morris A. Anderson (a T/E Fighter "Nick"? shot down on 29.10.44); ARM2c Robert D. Christofferson a Japanese fighter destroyed (assist) and another fighter damaged over Clark Field on an undisclosed date; ARM2c Richard G Materson claims a Tojo destroyed (assist) off Formosa and ARM2c Joe E Thompson (pilot Lt jg Matthew F Keane) claims two fighters damaged location unknown, all dates undisclosed.

The squadron claims at least three kills on 12 October 1944, two on 29 October and another on 31 October. T/E fighters are claimed on three occassions, I assume these are "Nicks" or "Irvings" but possibly "Dinahs".

Details of the claims by LTJG Jack Bion Linn and LT Elmer Clarence Namoski woudl also be appreciated.

Comments on types, dates and possible solutions to the award credits for the missing names gratefully and humbly accepted.



twocee 25th April 2021 22:00

Re: VB-18 aerial claims
A belated and partial response:

In an attack on Tansui A/F near Kiirun, Formosa, on 12 October the bombers were attacked by several twin engine fighters. Three were claimed as shot down:

C.S. Draper Nick
F.E. Schumacher Irving
B.B. Duncan Nick

All three were Lt(jg)s.

The Linn (Zeke) and Namoski (Tojo) claims were made on 29 October during an attack on Clark Field.

You mention a claim on 31 October. This is unlikely as Intrepid was fuelling that day.

keith A 26th April 2021 12:45

Re: VB-18 aerial claims
Cheers George

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