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AMC 14th October 2020 15:06

15 men in a B25?...
Just been reading a poem about an aircraft that went missing whilst flying The Hump.
It was written by the mother of SSgt. Joseph W. Dunaway, who died with 14 other men when B-25G #41-30010 disappeared on the Hump route on 04 July 1945.
I am amazed that a B25 could carry so many....

RSwank 14th October 2020 16:10

Re: 15 men in a B25?...
The MACR is here:

SSgt Dunaway memorial:

One confusing thing in the above writeup is the supposed reported last position given by radio

"The last position reported was 27/32 N. 95 degrees 16 minutes E, Nine miles south of the Brahmaputra River."
That is actually the location of their destination airfield, Dinjan, India.

I suspect the B-25 was a squadron Hack/Utility ship. The unit, 427th NFS, flew P-61s.

The poem can be read here:

It is also on his mother's find-a-grave page here:

TigerTimon 14th October 2020 17:21

Re: 15 men in a B25?...
There were 30 men in an Avro Lancaster:
(24 ex-prisoners of war)

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