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Pilot 22nd September 2006 16:33

Breguet XIX in Germany
Hungary received the only Breguet 19 late October 1925, after the approval of the Society of Nations. This was a postal aircraft with 300 HP Lorraine engine. During the wintertime only a few flight was produced. A few months later this aircraft was sent to Germany in exchange of a Junkers A.20. and the replacing Junkers A.20 was received early 1926. Any info about short service in Hungary and later destiny in Germany?

Lennart Andersson 23rd September 2006 09:26

Re: Breguet XIX in Germany
This is quite interesting. There must be very few people who know about these aircraft.

The order for the Breguet 19, which was officially intended for meteorological duties, was placed in August 1925 and the Commission Militaire Interalliée de Controle en Hongrie gave their permission (an exception from the ban of military aircraft) on 15 September.

I thought that the contract was never finalised and that the aircraft never arrived in Hungary. If it did I am sure it was not sent to Germany, possibly via Germany back to France. The Junkers A 20 (s/n 10.51 H-Mxxx) crashed some time before 30 July 1926 and was later reapired and modified, or more probably replaced, by a Junkers A 35 (s/n 11.01 H-MAIA).

Lennart Andersson

Pilot 23rd September 2006 10:49

Re: Breguet XIX in Germany
Thank you Lennart! Nice info :) And hope that some more will appear :)

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