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Steve Coates 10th May 2017 09:04

Richard Eger has passed away
It is my sad duty to let members know that after a lengthy and painful battle with a number of health issues that Richard Eger passed away on 8 May.

As most will know, Richard was indefatigable in pursuit of information and new research angles concerning his beloved Me 262 but also believed strongly in helping others. I know that my research benefited from his assistance as I hope did his from mine. The research community owes him much.

I was fortunate enough to meet Richard personally in 2002 at the Imperial War Museum as it's always so much better to put a face to a name.

Even into his last weeks, Richard was still corresponding as available energy would allow such was his continuing inquisitiveness.

I will miss him as I am sure will others and as always my thoughts are with his family.

Mikael Olrog 10th May 2017 10:07

Re: Richard Eger has passed away
Very sad news indeed! I enjoyed my correspondence with Richard when our paths crossed.

Roger Gaemperle 10th May 2017 10:29

Re: Richard Eger has passed away
I was shocked when I got the news last night even though I knew that his health was quickly deteriorating. The last time we were in touch was just 6 days ago when he helped me to connect to a researcher he knew. I can hardly believe that he is no longer with us and that I won't be able to ever write him again.

I have known Richard since around 2002. Even though I have met him only once in person, we have exchanged hundreds of e-mails as we shared the same passion: the Me 262. About 10 years ago we planned to jointly write a book about the Me 262, but we soon realized that there is still so much to be uncovered that we focused on collecting additional material rather than writing. I promised him last winter that if I ever manage to complete the book after he is gone, it will bear his name as co-author since he has helped me so much.

I considered him a friend as we not only talked about the Me 262 but also about our private life. He was always very kind and helpful and shared material and information with me. I still can't believe that I won't hear from him anymore. Rest in peace my friend. I will truly miss you.

Marc-André Haldimann 10th May 2017 11:07

Re: Richard Eger has passed away
A sad year for Luftwaffe authors indeed. My sympathy for his family.


Larry deZeng 10th May 2017 15:07

Re: Richard Eger has passed away
A sad, sad, shocker. I knew Richard for 15 year and exchanged hundreds of e-mails and phone calls with him over the years. We last communicated back in January so I wasn't expecting this so soon. We knew each other's personal and medical history backwards and forwards. The only thing I regret is never having met Richard in person.

Rest in peace, Richard. You will be missed.

Larry deZeng

Vince Malfara 10th May 2017 15:09

Re: Richard Eger has passed away
Shocking and sad, I will miss him and his contributions.
Deepest condolences.



Dan History 10th May 2017 15:31

Re: Richard Eger has passed away
This is shocking news. Even though I was aware of Richard's advancing years, I hoped that he would have a few years yet. One of the items on my to do list for the coming two months was to contact Richard to ask him about Me 262 production. Not only was he a great specialist in the field, he was ever helpful and kind. I had corresponded with him only rarely, but it was a pleasure and a privilige to do so. It is very sad to lose such a man.

May his family and friends find strength in their fond memories of him.


Karl 10th May 2017 16:29

Re: Richard Eger has passed away
what a shock. Although we never saw us face to face, it was always a pleasure to discuss with Richard over many years per email, mostly about the Me262.
He was such a kind person, always open to share his findings. I knew he was not in the best shape, but to learn about his death makes me sad. R.I.P.


Dan O'Connell 10th May 2017 22:34

Re: Richard Eger has passed away
I truly do not have the words to express my shock and sense of loss to this horrible news. I called Richard Sunday May 7, to exchange some news, Me 262 related of course, and was very sad to see how he had deteriorated in health. Few of us are ever so lucky to know friends like this. I did make a special trip to Delaware in 2008 to meet him, and had the pleasure to take him to lunch and spend the afternoon at his apartment, marveling at his Me262 library and document collection.
Richard helped me in more ways over the last 20 years than I could possibly count.
A finer person you could never hope to meet again.

leonventer 11th May 2017 04:01

Re: Richard Eger has passed away
Very sad news and a major loss to the Luftwaffe community.

I never had the privilege of meeting Richard, but like many others, I corresponded with him about our common interests: the Me 262, reference books, and the preservation and sharing of research information. He was remarkable in many ways, but I most admired his generosity, enthusiasm, and his willingness to undertake the enormous task of manually collating and archiving the valuable information appearing in various forums, and then sharing it on his web site. He did all this in spite of the fact that his technical abilities were understandably limited.

He was a pioneer, an authority in his field, a wonderful spirit, and a shining example that will continue to inspire.

Leon Venter

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