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Teresa Maria 26th May 2016 03:28

Erich Rudorffer
I have just found the sad news of Erich Rudorffer's passing:

May he rest in peace...

Leo Etgen 26th May 2016 15:40

Erich Rudorffer

This is very sad news indeed. I read that he was last living Eichenlaubträger prior to his death. Does anybody know if this is true? May he rest in peace and be reunited with his comrades that have gone before.



Teresa Maria 27th May 2016 21:06

Re: Erich Rudorffer
Yes, I was really sad to come across the news and I do wish it wasn't true. Poor Erich!

Leo Etgen 3rd August 2016 01:00

Erich Rudorffer
Hi guys

I should point out that Jörg Wilkening (bakerman) kindly informed me that he was the last surviving Schwerterträger. A sad loss for his country and the aviation community.



krichter33 3rd August 2016 02:30

Re: Erich Rudorffer
Rest in peace.

kaki3152 3rd August 2016 02:56

Re: Erich Rudorffer
Shame he never wrote his memoirs. HE was born on November 1,1917, so he was 98 yrs young.

Johannes 6th August 2016 10:33

Re: Erich Rudorffer
Hi Leo

I believe that Heinz Rokker is still alive. He was born on 20th October 1920. Also not an ace but Luftwaffe Kurt Dahlmann born 4th March 1918 maybe still living?

Kind Regards


Brian@Liftoff 11th August 2016 18:12

Re: Erich Rudorffer
A little wiki research says that Heinz Rokker is still alive and that as of Aug. 4, 2006 - Kurt Dahlmann - a long battle with cancer forced his return to Germany to seek treatment, he presently resides in a public assisted-living facility in Baden-Baden. There is no date of he may still be alive.

Rest in Peace Erich.......

Edward L. Hsiao 25th November 2016 02:44

Re: Erich Rudorffer
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Erich really lived a very long life on planet Earth for sure. He was one of the last of the great aces to pass away and go to Heaven. A salute to a great German ace and a person who tried to live a healthly life right up to 98 years of life on Earth!


Edward L. Hsiao

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