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gilles collaveri 7th May 2020 16:37

Hi everyone,

On 4 March 1944, Paul Miller's Lightning is shot by German Aircraft over Bordeaux. Paul Miller tries to reach Spain and he finally belly lands his P38 at Escos, in the South West of France, near the Pyrénées Mountains;

He escapes with the help of local French people and he reaches Spain safely. We have his escape report but no other information about him.

We now look for Paul Miller's relatives : family, children etc..

Someone could help us in this respect ?

Thanks and stay safe.


RSwank 7th May 2020 17:23

Re: PAUL MILLER - P38 Pilot
Paul S Miller E & E report:

I believe this is him:

gilles collaveri 7th May 2020 18:07

Re: PAUL MILLER - P38 Pilot
Thanks a lot RSwank.

If any US reader would be great enough to contact one of his children (or grandchildren) and connect me.. that would be lovely.

my mail : gilles.collaveri at

Thanks a lot


KM1957 8th May 2020 00:43

Re: PAUL MILLER - P38 Pilot
You may want to read the MACR 3062 report written by Maj. Mark Shipman. He was not overly happy with Miller running low on gas and having to head home. One of the more frank reports I've seen.


RSwank 8th May 2020 01:00

Re: PAUL MILLER - P38 Pilot
MACR is here:

gilles collaveri 8th May 2020 07:28

Re: PAUL MILLER - P38 Pilot
Thanks Rolland and Kent

the reason why I am trying to find Miller's family is because the crash site of his P38 has been located in the South West of France.

We contacted an 80 year old witness from the next village, who was 4 year old when the P38 crashed: he remembers very well and he climbed on board the lightning (he was thereafter himself a pilot : Fouga Magister, Ouragan, Mirage F1 etc..).

We also know that Paul Miller Helmet used to be in the village and we try to find it.When Paul Miller escaped to Spain, he gave it to some of the local people who helped him;

We now try to put the pieces of the puzzle together...

Anybody can help tracing Paul Miller children or grandchildren ?

As per the newspaper clip that RSwank found, we know that he was buried in Hawai, his wife was Tina, his sons were Gary in New York, John in Washington, Lee in Colorado, His daughters : Mary Kennedy and Christina in Washington, Elen Katzenberger in Louisiana, Linda Garcia of California, Kimberley Rodriges of Hilo, Hawai;

Thanks in advance to any American reader than can help.

My mail is gilles.collaveri at

have a good day


RSwank 8th May 2020 15:17

Re: PAUL MILLER - P38 Pilot

I found a more complete obit for Paul. This gives the names of the children and their spouses.

Son Gary (Wanda) Miller New York
Son John (Allison) Miller of Washington
Son Lee Miller of Colorado
Daughter Mary Kennedy of Washington
Daughter Christina Miller of Washington
Daughter Ellen (Mark) Katzenberger of Louisiana
Daughter Linda (Ray) Garcia of California
Daughter Kimberly (Raymond) Rodrigues of Hilo Hawaii

The last one above may be:

Kimberly Paige? Miller who married Raymond Rodrigues III

dp_burke 9th May 2020 11:18

Re: PAUL MILLER - P38 Pilot
Giles, I sent the link to this thread to a number of family trees, including I think three of the children above but I fear they haven't logged in in some time to their accounts so it might come to nothing.

RSwank 9th May 2020 14:03

Re: PAUL MILLER - P38 Pilot

I may have a line on one of the grandchildren. Will try to make contact

gilles collaveri 9th May 2020 14:18

Re: PAUL MILLER - P38 Pilot
Waouh, that's great.
Thanks alot to both of you,
looking forward to your next feedback.
All best from France;

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