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Andy Mitchell 11th June 2018 22:54

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Please see the attached from 500-12452-442 recently downloaded from the TSAMO files.

Can anyone provide an explanation for LKW that appears in the first conversation.

Checking the abbreviations in the Manual of German Airforce Terminology LKW = Widerstandkasten which translates as "resistance box"? Could this be reference to points of resistance that the ground units would encounter?

Many thanks

Mikael Olrog 11th June 2018 23:11

Lastkraftwagen - trucks

Nick Beale 11th June 2018 23:24

And, in case it comes up, PKW = passenger vehicle (Personen Kraft Wagen).

Andy Mitchell 11th June 2018 23:47


Many thanks.

Must admit I saw the Lkw item in the Dictionary and discounted it as I had LKW all in upper case - hence my interpretation.

Many thanks for the correction and additional information.

I must say that so far 500-12452-442 has contained some interesting snippets and 500-12452-441 looks like continuing along that path.

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