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Jochen Prien 3rd July 2017 19:20

Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 13/III

the manuscript for JFV Vol. 13/III has been finished and is now in the process of checks and corrections by the co-authors; it will hopefully be with the publisher in September so that if everything goes according to plan we will in fact be out before Christmas.

As of now the manuscript comprises 668 pages and some 220 photos. It covers the operations in the West between 1 January and 30 September 1944 including Market Garden.

As those who have seen JFV 13/II by now will know that Peter Rodeike can no longer be part of the team; he has offered any assistance he could give concerning the photo coverage of the Fw 190 units but unfortunately his former substantial collection has been inexplicably reduced to merely a handful of Images from the 1944 period.

We would therefore ask anyone who has unpublished photos of Fw 190s in the West 1944 to share them with us for publication in JFV 13/III; you would greatly help us. We are very lucky to have Rogge Verlag as our Publisher but even they can only sell the books over the photo coverage and all the more so as the books are written and published in German. Photos from the West from 1944 - both before and after D-Day - are particularly scarce as we all know. Therefore we hope that this appeal may lead to some new photos to see the light of day through the JFV series.


Jochen Prien

Milos Gazdic 4th July 2017 06:34

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 13/III
Dear sir,

I am looking forward to the publication of 13|III volume & as many people interested in Luftwaffe and their fighter force, I am looking so much for all the volumes dealing with last year or so of the war.

I am sad to hear about the news about Mr Rodeike but I was not fining anywhere the news about him leaving the support team of yours. What would be the reason. What had happened with his Fw 190 photo collection??? What did I miss?

Kind regards,
Milos Gazdic

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