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Urusut 22nd July 2017 08:15

Lt. Helmut Zürbel

Please can anyone provide details on the loss of Lt. Helmut Zürbel (III./KG.4) who was killed on the 17.8.1943?


Brian Bines 23rd July 2017 13:12

Re: Lt. Helmut Zürbel
GQM report dated 23-8-43 page 7 - 17-8-43 7/KG4 He 111H-16 8763 100% PQ 69217 Flak u Bordwaffenbeschuss (Nicht Feindbeobachot) . Ff Lt Helmut Zurbel +, B Uffz Joachim Zapp inj, Bm Uffz Franz Lieser inj, Bs gef Hermann Quester inj, Bs gef Gunther Wohlfeil inj.

Hope this helps
Brian Bines

Urusut 23rd July 2017 14:00

Re: Lt. Helmut Zürbel
Thanks Brian!

Kind regards,

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