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vvkj41 6th April 2020 06:48

Battle for Belgrade - April 1941
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Today, exactly 79 years ago, without the declaration of war, Germany attacked the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Brutally, with all the markings of a terrorist attack against an open city, Belgrade was bombed mercilessly and largely unselectively, with a clear intention to paralyze the links in the military's command and to inflict as heavy casualties as possible amongst its population... It was the beginning of the operation Unternehmen Strafgericht.

Unfortunately, until now no book was published which dealt with the bombing of Belgrade, but only selectively with its air defense. The story is much more complex when we consider the catastrophic consequences of the bombing and the number of casualties, which still remain undetermined and are estimated at about 3,000. It was one of the main reasons that the authors were governed by. Especially because of completely unfounded assertions by foreign authors that the number of casualties was even less than 1,000...

The Battle for Belgrade – April 1941 presents a tremendous number of testimonies from direct participants and witnesses to the bombing of Belgrade. These include ordinary citizens, foreign diplomats, aviators from both sides, foreign correspondents from various sides of the world, celebrities of the time, written and verbal statements of the contemporaries to the bombing. The circumstances are presented under which the military coup d'état on 27 March took place, preparation of the city and its population for air defense, heroic defense by Royal Yugoslav fighter pilots from 6. Fighter Regiment and their sacrifice, the destruction of the National Library with the immeasurable cultural treasures of Serbia, and the entrance of Germans into Belgrade and the circumstances which followed. This book contains a complete list of collapsed and damaged buildings and infrastructure. Our wish was to present for the first time ever the scope of this comprehensive tragedy which befell Belgrade and its inhabitants on 6 April 1941.

This book is dedicated to our fellow citizens who perished and to the fearless defenders of the skies above Belgrade and our freedom, with the desire to never forget their suffering and sacrifice!

After almost five years of work, we announce the book Battle for Belgrade – April 1941. Book will be published by "Službeni glasnik", which is also the largest Serbian publishing company. Our book is written in Serbian and English (two-column text) in expanded monographic format (hardcover) measuring 28 x 24 cm with 445 photographs, 600 pages and a weight of approximately 4.5 kg.

We use this opportunity to thank our publisher’s management and their technical support staff, who despite extremely difficult circumstances due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the state of emergency in Serbia completed their job professionally to the very end. We will notify you additionally concerning the exact printing date.

Book content is as follows:

Chapter 1 - 27 March 1941
Chapter 2 - The preparations for Belgrade Air Defense
Chapter 3 - Hitler’s Order of the Day
Belgrade Radio during April war 1941
Chapter 4 - The National Library in Belgrade
Chapter 5 - Belgrade Air Defense
32.VG Wartime airfield Krušedol and auxiliary airfield Prnjavor
51.VG Belgrade airport – Zemun
Chapter 6 - Who killed Yugoslavia and Greece?
Chapter 7 - Epilogue and Consequences
Objects in Belgrade struck during the German bombing in 1941
Chapter 8 - Entry of German troops in Belgrade and Zemun
About Authors

You can see the temporary preview at, while the official preview on the website of Službeni glasnik is pending following the publication of this book.

Take care of you and your loved ones!

With best Regards from Serbia and United States,

Aleksandar Ognjević & Djordje Nikolić

mars 6th April 2020 15:23

Re: Battle for Belgrade - April 1941
Is this book written in English ?

Jukka Juutinen 6th April 2020 15:26

Re: Battle for Belgrade - April 1941
Check the link: Bilingual English/Serbian. In fact, it is mentioned in the original post already.

Orwell1984 6th April 2020 18:08

Re: Battle for Belgrade - April 1941
One sale to Canada!

Edward 6th April 2020 20:24

Re: Battle for Belgrade - April 1941
Congratulations Mr. Ognjević and Mr. Nikolić

Looking over the preview pages gives one the impression that this was a real labor of love.

I hope to be able to add this to my library soon.

edwest2 6th April 2020 20:44

Re: Battle for Belgrade - April 1941
Congratulations. After all this time, more and more details about the war emerge.


vvkj41 6th April 2020 21:00

Re: Battle for Belgrade - April 1941
Dear Mark, Edward & Ed,

Thank you very much for your comments. Much appreciated!

Yes it was definitely labor of love, together with discovering of new facts it was an amazing journey for Djordje and me, almost 80 years in the past...

Best Regards,

Frank Olynyk 6th April 2020 21:23

Re: Battle for Belgrade - April 1941
I hope you get a site up for ordering soon. I don't want to miss out on this book.



djnikcy 6th April 2020 21:24

Re: Battle for Belgrade - April 1941
I would also like to join and thank all for your kind words. As Aleks said, this book was long overdue and we were compelled to tell this story to the best of our abilities, to prevent the memory of all those who perished and gave the ultimate sacrifice from being forgotten. We hope that our book incites further research into this topic.


vvkj41 6th April 2020 22:03

Re: Battle for Belgrade - April 1941
Hello Frank,

We will announce it as soon as the publisher start printing, with all the details, price, shipping, etc.

Anyway, your name is on the list. :-)

Take care,


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