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Franek Grabowski 8th August 2022 18:12

Re: Death of Hitler - 1945 or 1962?
The fact, that there is a German community in Latin America, as are plenty other ones, does not make the claim the fact. More so, after so many years information about such a man would finally transpire, especially as in his health he would not live long, so dead by now, anyway. Information about Mengele surfaced, and was confirmed. Most of the others are accounted as well. Also there is not even a small bit to corroborate the story, the arrival of th party - which U-Boat?
In the case of Hitler, I am rather wondering, how he died, if his body was really recovered, and who was spreading the information he got to Argentina and on what purpose. Another interesting question is, what had happened to Brunner's Cairo List, and who was on it, though it is not related to Hitler.

edwest2 8th August 2022 18:41

Re: Death of Hitler - 1945 or 1962?
The FBI was in South America during the war and known as the Special Intelligence Service. If the Director of the FBI receives a report that Hitler and Eva Braun are dead in 1945, why bother accepting any reports that state they are alive?

In a book published in 1947 by former U.S. Secretary of State, James F. Byrnes, he recounts a visit he had with Stalin. He asks Stalin a question about a supposedly settled matter. What is his opinion about the death of Hitler? Stalin replies: "Hitler is not dead. He is either in Spain or Argentina." Secretary Byrnes asks Stalin the following day if he had changed his opinion. He had not. Why would a former U.S. Secretary of State embarrass his country by asking such a question?

Franek Grabowski 9th August 2022 19:17

Re: Death of Hitler - 1945 or 1962?
Back then there was no official and confirmed information that Hitler was killed in Berlin. Actually it is still not.
Nonetheless claims that he was seen alive in Argentina do not provide any evidence, he actually was there.
The question is, who and why have spread such gossip. With the names of informants blacked out it is not possible to verify.

edwest2 9th August 2022 20:26

Re: Death of Hitler - 1945 or 1962?

Have you not read anything I wrote? The FBI got the word. The U.S. Secretary of State and the President got the word. Newspapers spread the word:

Franek Grabowski 10th August 2022 02:21

Re: Death of Hitler - 1945 or 1962?
Some newspapers reported Martians landing on Earth. There was never an official confirmation of Hitler's death. No body was officially produced and examined by international experts team. Soviets for several years muddied waters, and I assume that they may have been behind the gossip for some reason. I have no evidence for that, though.

edwest2 10th August 2022 03:13

Re: Death of Hitler - 1945 or 1962?
Yes, the Russians had on display what they claimed to be a portion of Hitler's skull. Recently, it was determined to be that of an unknown woman. The Russians also claim they have a portion of Hitler's jaw bone in their archives but there is no reason to believe this.

A contemporary photo of a CIC (Counter-Intelligence Corps) officer crouching next to the couch where Hitler allegedly shot himself was published. The couch shows a visible stain near the top back.

Franek Grabowski 13th August 2022 03:57

Re: Death of Hitler - 1945 or 1962?
Reputedly the jaw was inspected and confirmed to belong to Hitler. An official DNA test should allow to verify that. Still, this does not tell anything about circumstances of death nor recovery of the body.
So the photo of the couch is just a photo and does not tell if the stain is really a blood or if it belongs to Hitler. If it survives or if stained piece of fabric survives, DNA test may provide the required proof. Still, it does not provide information about circumstances of death. It could be well Hitler shot himself or was shot by someone who get tired with him.

edwest2 14th August 2022 00:50

Re: Death of Hitler - 1945 or 1962?

The information from the FBI and the U.S. Secretary of State, confirm Hitler and Eva Braun left Germany and arrived in Argentina. This is called circumstantial evidence.

MW Giles 15th August 2022 23:54

Re: Death of Hitler - 1945 or 1962?
What "evidence"?

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