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TigerTimon 2nd December 2019 13:06

catching fire upon emergency-landing
Dear all,

what are the chances of an aircraft catching fire during an emergency-landing and burn out on the ground (with the pilot surviving)? On the 14th of February 1944 Feldwebel Haspel emergency-landed his Bf 109 at Volkel airfield and it burned out, the pilot surviving unscathed. Could it be because of the engine overheating and catching fire or also because of friction on the runway?



edwest2 3rd December 2019 17:47

Re: catching fire upon emergency-landing
Engines catching fire, a broken fuel line. Not because of ground friction. Landing on a runway was best, but landing on the ground provided more opportunities for the aircraft to flip over. As long as the pilot warned ground crews, they would be there to quickly extinguish a fire.

R Leonard 3rd December 2019 18:12

Re: catching fire upon emergency-landing
Was not all that rare an occurrence on aircraft carriers.

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