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Nonny 16th May 2005 18:11

RAF friendly fire losses
I once read an RAF magazine that detailed the Mosquitoes that had been shot down over the UK due to friendly fire. It seemed to be page after page after page. Most seemed to have been shot down by Mustangs!

Is there a list on the net giving the number and type of all RAF aircraft lost to friendly aircraft fire in WWII?

What is the approx total number of such losses?

Brian 8th October 2005 14:32

Re: RAF friendly fire losses
Hi Nonny

Any idea which magazine and date thereof? I have not seen this and it sounds interesting. Thanks.


Kevin OReilly 22nd May 2009 08:28

Re: Friendly fire losses
Can anyone help with detail of action concerning Hudson FK389 of 117 Squadron shot down by American fighters in Algeria Dec 27 1942. Pilot was Roy Thiele.
Many thanks, Kevin OReilly

Brian 22nd May 2009 17:25

Re: Friendly fire losses
Hi Kevin

I never did receive a reply from Nonny! If you are still out there, Nonny, do let me know if you have found the magazine!

Kevin - e-mail on its way.


Sharkers 22nd May 2009 18:50

Re: Friendly fire losses
Remember: "Friendly Fire" is never friendly !!!

Andy Saunders 23rd May 2009 18:56

Re: Friendly fire losses
Just before reading this I came across details of two Beaufighters of 29 Squadron shot down by AA fire near Rye. It wasn't a particularly uncommon event as Brian will surely testify!!

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