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Rottler 6th December 2018 16:18

Junkers W34 crash
Hello all,

on 13 Jan 1936 a Junkers W34 of the „Fliegergruppe Giebelstadt“ code D-O… crashed in the fog on the Staffelberg, a mountain near Staffelstein.
The pilot and three passengers were killed:
Hptm Wolf Freiherr von Gültlingen
Lt Karl Hermann Kurt von Plüskow
Lt Rudolf Harnier
Uffz Peter Zapf.
The fourth passenger survived the crash. Does anyone know the identity of this person?


Leendert 6th December 2018 20:23

Re: Junkers W34 crash
The identity of this elusive fourth passenger appears to be a big mystery in German aviation history, a quick glance on the www reveals.

A nice eyewitness story here:



Rottler 6th December 2018 23:10

Re: Junkers W34 crash
Hello Leendert,

thank you for the interesting article, unfortunately the question about the identity of the fourth passenger is still open.


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