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Frank6 26th December 2009 01:44

Air Battle over the Kuban Bridgehead ?
I read Christer Bergstrom's Barbarossa, Stalingrad, Kursk and Bagration over the past weeks and I liked it very much.

But there seem's to be a gap between Stalingrad and Kursk, the often mentioned Battle over the Kuban Bridgehead. Is there a chance that we will see a fifth book ?

Maybe somebody has answers for some more questions:

Mr. Bergstrom has written a Battle of Britain Book in swedish: does an english version exist ?

On Mr. Bergstrom's website are two very interesting articles about air combat over the Normandy and The Reich. Is there a chance that he is writing a full book ?

Does a book about the Air Battles over the Kuban Bridgehead exist ?

F19Gladiator 28th December 2009 04:06

Re: Air Battle over the Kuban Bridgehead ?
Hello Frank,
No, Christer Bergström’s book on the BoB is unfortunately not available in English. I have the Swedish language book which I found quite interesting to read and I believe it would also interest others. Christer is quite productive and I believe we will see more books coming from him. I understand he has been busy writing many articles lately.
I’m not aware of any book dedicated only to the Kuban air battles, however, there are of course some interesting reading here and there:
A view from the Soviet side can be found in Dmitriy Loza, Attack of the Airacobras, Soviet Aces American P-39s & the Air War Against Germany, University Press of Kansas, 2002, ISBN 0-7006-1140-1.
There is a chapter (10 pages) “Air Battle Over Kuban” in Christer Bergström (with V.Antipov & C.Sundin), Graf & Grislawski A Pair of Aces, Eagle Editions, 2003. This book is worth getting if you appreciate Bergstrom’s other books as I hold it as my favourite out of his production so far.
Best regards,

edwest 30th December 2009 00:18

Re: Air Battle over the Kuban Bridgehead ?
I can say nothing more about the following book beyond what is there. At least the captions have English text.

Usual disclaimer,

Frank6 1st January 2010 01:01

Re: Air Battle over the Kuban Bridgehead ?
Hello Göran,
Hello Ed,

Thank you very much for the informations.

I ordered Graf & Grislawski and it arrived today. I will study it in the coming weeks.

I'm glad that Mr. Bergstrom is writing more books. I was afraid that he stopped because he seems to be no longer active in this forum.

Any ideas about Mr. Bergstroms coming projects ? Göran mentioned new articles - where are they published ?



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