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Andrey Kuznetsov 23rd February 2012 20:56

III./SG4 airfields in Oct.-Nov.1944
Dear friends!

According to,
III./SG4 from 22.Sep. to Nov.1944 based on Tuckum (Kurland). It seems incorrect for November and maybe for the main part of October too, and group was outside Kurland.

Real bases of III./SG4 in Oct.-Nov.1944 are interesting.

Best regards,

Larry deZeng 23rd February 2012 22:24

Re: III./SG4 airfields in Oct.-Nov.1944
22 Sep 44: withdrew to Tukums/60 km W of Riga; still assigned to 3. Fliegerdivision.[1]
23 Sep 44: 3 Il-2s shot down over the southern approaches to Riga, one by Gruko Maj. Weyert and another by Oblt. Herbert Eisele from the Gruppenstab.
Oct 44: The Soviets quickly overran the Baltic States during the last ten days of September and the first 10 days of October. Soviet 5th Guards Tank Army and 43d Army drove through to the Baltic south of Memel (Klaipeda) on 9 October and Riga fell on 13 October. German Heeresgruppe Nord (AOK 16 and AOK 18) was now sealed off and isolated in the so-called “Courland Pocket” in northwestern Latvia.[2]
18 Oct 44: now at Talsen (Talsi)/NW Latvia. Over the next few days the Gruppe departed Courland and transferred to Eichwalde (Labiau) in East Prussia.[3]

Germany and Czechoslovakia. (Nov 44 - May 45)
4-5 Nov 44: departed Eichwalde and transferred to Reinsehlen south of Hamburg with 17 Fw 190s. At Reinsehlen the aircraft were outfitted with anti-tank rocket launchers and then they flew on to Udetfeld in Silesia a few days later.[4]
7 Nov 44: now at Udetfeld completely refitting and rebuilding with new pilots and aircraft and then carrying out intensive operational training for bad weather ground attack operations for future use in the West. Unknown to the Gruppe at the time, it was slated to take part in the Ardennes offensive (Battle of the Bulge) that commenced on 16 December. While at Udetfeld, the pilots also received special training in the use of the new under-wing anti-tank projectiles.[5]
24 Nov 44: began moving west to Kirrlach/20 km SW of Heidelberg on the west bank of the Rhine.[6]

[1] PRO London: AIR 40/1983; Tessin-op cit; M.Holm-op cit.

[2] E.F.Ziemke-op cit.

[3] PRO London: DEFE 3 ULTRA signal (number not recorded).

[4] ULTRA signals HP5750 and HP8010.

[5] ULTRA signals HP5748 and HP8010.

[6] PRO London: AIR 40 Air Ministry intelligence documents.

Andrey Kuznetsov 23rd February 2012 23:31

Re: III./SG4 airfields in Oct.-Nov.1944
Dear Larry,

thank you a lot!

Now became clear what III./SG4 relocated to East Prussia between 18. and 22.Oct.44 because, according to KTB HGr "Nord", on 23.Oct. only two Schlachtgruppen were in Courland (II. and III./SG3, without doubt).

It is pity that item's number of DEFE 3 for 18.Oct.44 is unknown.

Kind regards,

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