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Jochen Prien 1st October 2007 15:44

Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / I

at long last I can now inform you that Vol. 10 / I of our JFV series is out. I have just received my set of complimentary copies from struve and they will start distribution right now. Again my apologies for the very long delay.


Jochen Prien

P.S.: For understandable reasons I will - after this experience - refrain from any definite announcements relating to publishing dates of the future volumes unless the publishing preparations have reached a point where nothing can go wrong any more. So all I can add at the moment is that Vol. 10 / II and III are in the process of final corrections and 10 / IV is about 80 % completed.

Ruy Horta 19th October 2007 20:27

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / I
Looks like you've changed the basic format somewhat to suit the subject of strategic air warfare. Especially impressed by the many mission maps.

I like the shift in emphasis.

Bertrand H 20th October 2007 14:28

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / I

In the last JFS Teil 10/I, the Prien’s team used prints from the Archives of Modern Conflict and Deutsche Wochenschau. Where are these files and how to browse them ?


Bertrand H

kormoran 20th October 2007 22:24

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / I
The Archive of Modern Conflict is sudek13 and most other photos
of 10/I are well known.

Jim P. 21st October 2007 23:33

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / I
The Deutsche Wochenschau are the German newsreels. These are available on DVD though a bit expensive. Also forgot who I bought them from. The set I have has 50+ films in 14 sets of 2 DVDs each. Google'em.

Bertrand H 22nd October 2007 18:54

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / I
Thanks Jim ans Kormoran for your replies.


rob van den nieuwendijk 22nd October 2007 19:40

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / I
Hello all,

for those who are interested in Wochenschau - see:

it will take hours to download - but it is worthwhile.

Best wishes,

ChrisS 10th November 2007 14:10

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / I
Hello Rob

Thank you for the link.

I find that I cannot download any of the files, either by download accelerator or manually. Does anybody else have this problem?



Peter D Evans 7th January 2008 21:33

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / I
They appear to work fine here Chris. However, rather than left click on the link and allow it to open a Quicktime window, I right click and then save the link to my desktop. Once download is complete, I watch them using a stand-alone media player (VLC MediaPlayer). For example, I've just downloaded clip "1939-12-06 UfA Ton-Woche Nr. 483 (18m 49s, 720x544).avi" and it took approx 10mins to download and that's with a 10Mbps cable connection!

Kind regards

Peter D Evans
LEMB Administrator

Don Caldwell 25th January 2008 01:01

A technical question --

The newsreels would be an incredible research tool if I could read the things. I download directly to a CD, but when I try to open them in Windows Media Player (my default player) I get a window saying WMP can't play the file because some codecs [sic] are missing. I don't usually use avi files; the only ones on the computer are small files that came with other programs, and WMP opens them OK. Is my problem with the Wochenschauen due to the size of the files? Or is there some European avi standard that my PC can't handle? Can anyone help?


Don Caldwell

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