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FalkeEins 6th March 2010 14:35

Luftwaffe Gallery
A new photo series from 'team' Mombeeck

Erik has decided to open up his huge photo archive to the rest of us in the form of a monograph series. Each issue will be a large format A-4 landscape booklet of some 50-60 pages of photos supported by (English)text and profile artworks by Thierry Dekker. Issue 1 due end April.

Page views available at

Erik Mombeeck 13th March 2010 14:17

Re: Luftwaffe Gallery
Hello Neil and ...,

thank you for having started this thread.

I just finished looking at the proofs from the printer. Apparently, this booklet will be very beautiful, especially with the amazing colour photographs never published before and the superb colour artwork by Thierry Dekker , acclaimed as one of the best profiles designers.
We also included some unusual items like a "Gallery" on Luftwaffe tunic lapel badges. All the lapel badges presented in this LuGa 1 are original and come from veterans, like the superb 2./JG 2 laughing sun.
Our hope is to interest modelers too. And, by the way, any help from members of this forum would be welcome: does anyone know shops for modelers to whom I should transmit informations about the new series "LuGa"? Thanks, your support is more than important for our projects.


Peter Kassak 13th March 2010 14:53

Re: Luftwaffe Gallery
Eric, Congratulations...!!!
...and question. Is there any chance to find out what "topics" are included. On your web pages in the samples one may read "topics" as White noses on Bf 110s, cross hatch paint schemes etc. Any info which can be shared with us about these?
Thanks and fingers crossed for the new series...

Erik Mombeeck 18th March 2010 22:06

Re: Luftwaffe Gallery
Thanks Peter

and sorry for my late answer, I am - as usually - completely "overworked".
This is the content:
Red Cowling Bands,
Yellow Cowlings on Bf 109 Fs
White Noses on Bf 110s
Jukers Ju 88 Special
Cross Hatch Paint Schemes
Tunic Lapel Badges
The Bonzo Dog Character
best regards

Del Davis 13th May 2010 20:05

Re: Luftwaffe Gallery- US Delivery
For North American members I now have a stock of Luftwaffe Gallery Volume 1 ready for shipment here in the US. Please send me a PM if you are interested

hucks216 7th July 2010 15:18

Re: Luftwaffe Gallery
I've just received my copy of Vol 1 and I am very pleased with it. Great photos and colour schemes throughout - it is refreshing to see a book that uses images that haven't appeared numerous times in various publications. A definite recommend.
Can anyone tell me how often the volumes will be published & how many there will be?

hucks216 18th April 2011 18:11

Re: Luftwaffe Gallery
I've had Vol 2 of Luftwaffe Gallery for around a week now and it is every bit as good as the first edition. The sections on 'squiggle' camouflage and ship killers has some especially good artwork and photos - and in keeping with articles on the more obscure areas, there is a good section on walking sticks! Well worth the money.

Huib Ottens 12th September 2012 22:39

Re: Luftwaffe Gallery
Hi Erik,

Just received LuGa#3.
Great fotos, nice profiles and lots of detailed information. Nice format, high production standard all for a very reasonable price! Highly recommended!


hucks216 30th November 2017 19:15

Re: Luftwaffe Gallery
Just received my copy of the latest LuGa Special on JG-54 and it is a wonderful addition to the series and no doubt it will sell out just as the JG-26 Special edition did.

Nokose 14th February 2018 21:57

Re: Luftwaffe Gallery
Hucks216, which JG 54 pilots are quoted in this book and for what periods of the war?

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