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DDT 15th October 2014 17:56

Am Himmel Frankreichs

I received Vol.2 & 3 last week about the history of Jagdgeschwader 2 "Richthofen" during WW2.
Vol.2 Starts with the Battle of Britain from Juli until the end of the year 1940. The second chapter deals with the period january - april 1941.
Each chapter starts with an overview of the commanding officers of the Gruppe & Staffel of the geschwader. The history is based on a daily overview, with the victories (if any) at the end of each day. The text features several testimonies of the pilots who flew with the unit during the war.
You find more the 300 pictures, most of which have not yet been published.
In both vol. you can find a picture of an "Abschusstafel". very interesting!
Each vol ends with a loss list.
Vol. 3 deals with the rest of the year 1941 and consists of 6 chapters.
The text is spacious with testimonials of the pilots who were there. The Volume has more then 300 pictures, most I haven't come across. For 49.90 each you get 200 pages of reading pleasure. A minus point? No color profiles of the planes that were used as in part 1. But that's because I'm also model Builder. Like in Vol.1, Chris Gross contributed on Vol.2
Highly recommended.

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