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Nokose 27th July 2017 19:30

I saw this movie and enjoyed it. It had some dogfights with Spanish modified Bf 109s and Spitfires. Looked like one appearance of a Beaufighter. The German bombers were He 111 and probably CGI Ju 87. The only time you saw any Germans was the aircraft and the brief appearance of a few German soldiers in the closing segment. Overall the movie was intense in its ground and sea action scenes. Worth watching.

seesul 27th July 2017 20:25

Re: Dunkirk
Didn't see it yet but the first reactions I heard so far are very positive. Not usual at war movies. Looking forward to it!

Chris Goss 27th July 2017 20:35

Re: Dunkirk
I will admit I was disappointed as I was expecting more. A number of basic errors which will be picked up by the pureists but it fails to portray convincingly the hell on the beaches, constant smoke, constant air action and that there were many more RN vessels involved & it wasn't just the Little Ships.

Nick Beale 27th July 2017 23:06

Re: Dunkirk
Good film but far from the masterpiece the critics were hailing. However, everyone should go and see "Their Finest" (and read the original book, Their Finest Hour and a Half, for another, humorous take on making a film about Dunkirk).

Alfred.MONZAT 27th July 2017 23:37

Re: Dunkirk
There's historical inaccuracies but I think you guys will spot them better than me. The inconsistency on physics or in the scenario are even more disturbing.

The movie is still a good watch, particulary the air scenes.

Tim O. 1st August 2017 00:40

Re: Dunkirk
As entertainment the movie is a good watch. As an historical representation it seems to suggest the Royal Nayy committed a couple of destroyers, there were about 20 'little ships', the Royal Air Force committed three Spitfires and one Blenheim, there were about 200 men waiting on the beaches and the Luftwaffe turned up with three or four Me 109s and two or three Heinkel 111s and three or four Junkers 87s. The empty beaches were very evident in the movie so where were the hundreds of thousands of waiting soldiers? I can accept that the movie focused on specific characters but there was no sense of the scale of events. As someone keen on this period the movie came across as having a low budget and low commitment to conveying the real story. Rather disappointing given the promotion it received.

Alex Smart 6th August 2017 21:33

Re: Dunkirk
I have not seen the film yet but did listen to parts of the sound track played on the Radio(rember it ? :) ) Yesterday. Found it moving.

lwi2858 7th August 2017 16:00

Re: Dunkirk
I was pretty impressed. When i saw it, I thought it was the best CGI I had ever seen. Upon returning home I did some research, 3 flying Spits, the "Me-109" Buchon and a camera plane. The He 111s, Stuka's and other aircraft were RC models. If you don't watch it as a documentary it's pretty good. That being said, on the first shot of the Spitfires, I started asking myself if they had Malcolm hoods that early in the war. And the Blue Ensign on Moonstone, was it Royal Navy Reserve or "defaced" and representing the Royal Yacht club?
No oficial word on that.

edwest2 21st August 2017 21:59

Re: Dunkirk
As I recall, there were French troops on the beach as well, but I heard they were not portrayed.


Nick Beale 23rd August 2017 01:59

Re: Dunkirk

Originally Posted by edwest2 (Post 238554)
As I recall, there were French troops on the beach as well, but I heard they were not portrayed.

You were misinformed, Ed. There are Frenchmen in the film although the focus is on the British.

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