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Jochen Prien 29th January 2011 12:56

Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11 / II

as of today the material for JFV Vol. 11/II is on its way to the printer. There has been a change in so far as struve druck is no longer the publisher / printer of this series as they have withdrawn from this part of their business. For the future, Mr. Jörg Rogge, former head of the publishing division of struve druck, who has left the company and has now set up a publishing firm of his own that will take care of the continuation of our series. There will be no change in either the format or appearance of the books nor in any other respect of any importance for the readers. The contact data for the new company will be made available shortly.

Vol. 11/II contains 584 pages with 608 photos, between 15 and 20 of them in colour. It will cover II. and III./JG 53 and the whole of JG 77 during heir service in the Mediterrannean ToW in 1943 and will also deal with operations over Romania in 1943, dealing there with I./JG 4, I./JG 5, III./JG 77 and 10./JG 301. In addition there will be a substantial addenda with some more photos and a lot of corrections and additions to the earlier volumes.

No specific date has been set for the release of Vol. 11/II, but we all hope to have it out by mid March latest. (Haven't we heard something like that before?).


Jochen Prien

John Manrho 29th January 2011 13:45

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11 / II
Dear Jochen,

we all are looking forward to this next volume of your great series. I am especially glad you were able to continue with the same format, at least for the foreseable future.


John Manrho.

Ruy Horta 29th January 2011 14:43

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11 / II
Good the learn that your team, including Mr. Rogge is still going strong.

These are probably difficult times for publishers in general, must be double tough in these niche markets.

Hals- und Beinbruch with the new venture!!!

leonventer 29th January 2011 20:54

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11 / II
Hi Jochen,

Thanks for the update. I just wanted to echo John and Ruy's sentiments -- it's very reassuring to hear that you've been able to transition to a new publisher and maintain continuity in content and presentation.

Vol 11/II sounds great! I'm looking forward to it, as well as coverage of the late-war years in subsequent volumes. As always, your efforts are much appreciated.

All the best,
Leon Venter

stefaan 31st January 2011 10:57

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11 / II
Hi Jochen.
Congrats on this new volume.
In South Africa we never see your books. Are they still only in German??
Any way that they will be out in English??
If not, I have a proppostion.
Can you sell them to us in an electronic format so that we can translate them via the net.
I know it is not accurate, but it helps.
I am also writing on the SAAF and your work is relevant.
Can check when I need data.
Good Luck
Stefaan Bouwer

Ruy Horta 31st January 2011 13:22

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11 / II

Stefaan, dis nie so moeilik om die Duitse taal te leer.

stefaan 31st January 2011 16:10

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11 / II
Hi Ruy.
I spreche nur ein bietchen, aber nicht zum schreiben.
Praat darem 'n bietjie maar nie genoeg om meer te kan skryf nie.
Be good

Miguel 31st January 2011 18:51

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11 / II
Announced by Christian Schmidt, with disclaimers:


Jochen Prien 28th April 2011 09:59

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11 / II

I have just been informed by the new publisher Rogge Verlags GmbH that delivery of the new volume 11/II will commence on Tuesday next week. I haven't seen the book itself so far but the proofs showed that there will be no difference at all in the appearance and printing quality as compared to the usual standards struve has set in the past.

Kind regards

Jochen Prien

Jochen Prien 2nd May 2011 16:05

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11 / II

further to my post from last Thursday this is to inform you that Vol. 11/II is now definitely out. As envisaged, there is no difference at all between the new volume from Rogge and the old ones from Struve except for the new publisher's name on the cover.

Like always, I hope that you will be satisfied with what you get.


Jochen Prien

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