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Broncazonk 8th August 2019 00:41

Anyone here on J-Aircraft

I'm trying to renew/revive my old account and the site admin. has been MIA for weeks.

Let me know if you will forward a message for me.



SteveR 8th August 2019 02:29

Re: Anyone here on J-Aircraft
I'm on j-aircraft and will be happy to forward a message for you.

After the trouble they had awhile back though I don't believe it's possible to revive old accounts. I couldn't. I had to just create a new account with the same username I'd used before, and I think that's what a lot of people did.

Broncazonk 9th August 2019 05:01

Re: Anyone here on J-Aircraft
Private message sent!


SteveR 9th August 2019 05:50

Re: Anyone here on J-Aircraft
Message sent to J-aircraft, your PM received and a reply sent.

Fingers crossed, hope they get you sorted quickly!

Alex Smart 15th August 2019 01:18

Re: Anyone here on J-Aircraft
I tried your suggestion but could not rejoin.
This is the message I got :(

An Error Has Occurred!
Sorry, you are not allowed to register on this forum.Gmail is a source of much spam. You need to be registered manually by the moderator. Contact another member for an endorsement.


SteveR 15th August 2019 02:02

Re: Anyone here on J-Aircraft
Alex, I'd started a thread on J-aircraft a couple days ago in regards to Broncazonk asking to hear from an admin, I've just added to it for you.

I haven't heard anything yet from anybody on the site. Hopefully that will change soon and I'll let you know if/when it does.

Alex Smart 16th August 2019 17:22

Re: Anyone here on J-Aircraft
Thank you Steve.

SteveR 16th August 2019 18:23

Re: Anyone here on J-Aircraft
Quite welcome Alex!

I've still heard nothing. I notice that the "latest member" was added June 18...

Larry deZeng 17th August 2019 00:46

Re: Anyone here on J-Aircraft
J-aircraft has been in slow decline for years. I used to be very active there between 2001 and 2010 with Jim Landsdale, Al Alsleben, Richard Dunn, Osamu Tagaya, Henry Sakaida and many others. The site has had a lot of trouble finding anyone to take responsibility for it, and management enthusiasm slipped even further after Jim Landsdale passed away. It's very sobering and sad because it used to be an excellent website.


SteveR 19th August 2019 04:40

Re: Anyone here on J-Aircraft
Well, there's a response now, from Justin Taylan (scroll down):

He gives an email address to send your email address and username info to get things sorted.

Bronc and Alex, if you can't get through that way let me know and I'll give it a try for you.

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