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boro006 20th June 2021 14:01

Lee Humphreys

I don't know if anyone can help but I am trying to trace a Lee Humphreys who I think is English but lived in Canada. He bought some items off me via ebay (his ID was thunderboltcanada) and privately but has failed to respond to any emails from me for quite a while and I still have some items for him - does any body know him?

Thank you

richdlc 22nd June 2021 16:58

Re: Lee Humphreys
he's a regular customer of mine too, but nothing from him since March this year

boro006 23rd June 2021 19:45

Re: Lee Humphreys
Over 2 years since I last heard from him - have emailed him and I have found him on ebay as account still active but he hasn't replied to any of my messages - I have a load of stuff which he has bought put aside for him and to be honest I want shot of it

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