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RolandF 29th July 2021 18:14

D-IVQY - a Bf 162?
Messerschmitt´s test pilot Dr.Ing. Hermann Wurster list for April 21th 1937 a 47-min flight (Meßflug) with "Me 162"(sic) WNr 863 with the code D-IVQY. The three Bf 162 wore the WNr 817-819 and he flew WNr 817 in this timeframe-each time with 2 passengers. WNr 863 with only 1 passenger. No Messerschmitt plane of this time fit as WNr 863 - except from a possible Bf 108. According to the rules 2-mot planes all are coded D-A???.
Wurster´s Flugbuch entries sometimes seem a little sloppy to me so maybe he flew a Bf 108? WNr 837 is D-AVQU.
Any ideas?


Tom Willis 29th July 2021 18:39

Re: D-IVQY - a Bf 162?
Thanks Roland
Bf162V1 - 817 - D-AIXA
Bf162V2 - 818 - D-AOBE
Bf162V3 - 819 - D-AOVI

Bf108B-1 - 837 - D-IVQU

I do have for D-IVQY a Bf108B - W/Nr.863. But you have the Fluguch for Hermann Wurster so can you let me know what other Regs are there? Perhaps it may well be a typo for the D-IVQY (IVQU).
However, it would seem that perhaps his Flugbuch is not 'as sloppy' as you might think but just as vulnerable to slight mistakes like the rest of us.

Rasmussen 31st July 2021 09:52

Re: D-IVQY - a Bf 162?
In my copy isn't a "Me 162" on April 21th 1937. Only the sign and the W.Nr. are mentioned. He names the prototypes of the Bf 162 correct with the letter A.

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