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paulmcmillan 3rd June 2020 10:27

US Navy Bailout May 27, 1931

On May 27, 1931 at Ream Field, California the following 2 US Navy bailed out of unknown type and serial

Aviation Machinist's Mate Francis "Frank" Simon Golding
Lt. Frederick Norman 'Hotshot", Nappy", "Napoleon" Kivette

All I have on this incident is

San Bernardino Sun, Volume 37, Sat 30 May 1931 Two New Members In Caterpillar Club (Bv Associated Press) WASHINGTON, May 29. The Navy Caterpillar club of aviators who have been forced to make parachute jumps now numbers 60 members through two additions this week. They were Lieut. Frederick N. Kivette, New Meadows, Iowa, and Machinist's Mate F. S. Goldin, Springfield, Mass, who leaped from an observation plane at San Diego, California Wednesday (i.e 27th May). Their plan, was burned but the navy department was informed the fliers escaped unhurt.

Can anyone supply any more info ?

Francis “Frank” Simon Golding
Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915
Birth 14 Jul 1909 Springfield, Massachusetts, United States

30 November 1976
Lynn, Massachusetts

Kivette waax stationed at San Diego from 1929 through 1932 and retried as a Vice Admiral. He was born in July 7, 1902. He retired October 1, 1961. He died May 17, 1975 at age 72. He was on the USS Macon when it crashed at night on February 12, 1935.

Thanks Paul

twocee 3rd June 2020 12:38

Re: US Navy Bailout May 27, 1931
The aircraft was an OS2U-1, A-7584, which developed an oil leak in flight. When the engine began to vibrate severely the crew bailed out. Golding's rate was AMM3c.

Stig Jarlevik 3rd June 2020 19:33

Re: US Navy Bailout May 27, 1931

You must mean O2U-1?


twocee 3rd June 2020 19:45

Re: US Navy Bailout May 27, 1931
Indeed, Stig.


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