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boro006 4th June 2020 15:27

Flt Lt. Des Hawkins DFC
Navigator with 44 Sqn, Waddington where he completed 26 ops. Then posted to 630 Sqn at East Kirby before instructing navigators at Chipping Warden. Finished with 625 Sqn where he completed another 16 ops.
His missions included 3 to Berlin as well as trips to Italy and Czechoslovakia. On one mission his pilot was throwing their Lancaster around after flying over an unknown gun emplacement and his navigation equipment slid of the table. As he bent to pick it up it he heard a loud bang behind him and saw that his instrument board was smashed - a bullet had passed above him where only seconds before he had been.
'If I had been in my normal posture sitting at my table it would have taken my head off at the neck. Having got over that I realised I had a guardian angel somewhere, and forever after that I ceased to worry about everything'
Born 23/11/1923. Died 26/04/2020

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