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rof120 15th November 2019 14:37

To be or not to be, that is the question

(Christer Engdahl)
"Well, I've been around since 2004 and like you, I don't read everything but only what lies within my interest. My postcount is not very high which indicates that if I've got nothing to say, I keep quiet. I don't have a question as such and don't know what brought this on but it's sad to see anyone leave, if that's what you're doing!"

- Thanks for your kind words. The rest of your statement shows that you're a wise man and simply normal.

Yes I'll leave TOCH altogether very soon. I regret it but the fully arbitrary dictatorship of "Moderators" and "Super Moderators" makes it impossible to me to carry on. Just look at this very modest forum called "General", right here. In a very short time TWO threads were locked, ending any possible discussion. Some people (like Nazis) hate discussions and fear that a discussion could expose their weaknesses etc. Obviously such fears are not justified. They claim that offensive language and the like will be deleted etc. but a few years ago when Franek Grabowski wrote here that it was a pity that French fighter officers were not shot (1940) (for nothing at all, needless to say), perhaps you can find this post with the Search function. This outrageous, extremely offensive, incredible post was never deleted and its author was not criticized. So the whole business is totally one-sided. Some people (preferably nazis or other fanatics) may do everything, other may not explain their position.

Similarly anything British seems to be a holy cow here, too. Discussing British aircraft, losses and victories is OK but NOT mentioning British errors, weaknesses or crimes. I do not accept any holy cows, not even British ones.

I am fed-up with this faschist hehaviour so I quit. Please look at the total number of views for Luftwaffe and also for Allied air forces. Allied air forces were several times bigger (and had corresponding numbers of aircraft and personel) than the Luftwaffe and their people and aircraft were just as interesting as German ones. You'll see that here the Luftwaffe forum has well OVER TWICE the number of views of the Allied forum, which encompasses British, French, Polish, American and Soviet air forces. This really is something. The conclusion is clear: the LW forum is the favourite of not only aviation-enthusiasts (this is OK) but to a large part of Nazi-enthusiasts. Yiks. Some of them go so far as to add a few German sentences (or they think it's German) to their own signature… As if English would not do...

Nick Beale 15th November 2019 15:09

Re: To be or not to be, that is the question

Originally Posted by rof120 (Post 277951)

Yes I'll leave TOCH altogether very soon.

I trust that members will, in time, come to terms with this particular disappointment.

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