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John Beaman 25th March 2010 16:39

book question
Has anyone heard anything about this book? Seems not too many pages for such a subject.

Messerschmitt Bf 109 C/D in the Polish Campaign 1939.

Sylvester Stadler 26th March 2010 02:46

Re: book question
I purchased this pamphlet mainly because the advertisement stated that it included a decal sheet, which turned out to be a disappointment since the small sheet only portrays four different types of Gruppe and/or Staffel insignia. When I saw the cover painting with the aircraft of Johannes Gentzen, I assumed that there were included the decals of his aircraft during the Polish campaign which turned out to be false. Previous Kagero publications had included such decals of various aircraft.

The stories are taken from previously published accounts which include:

Jochen Prien's Jagdfliegerverbände Teil 1
Karl von Stackelberg's Jagdgruppe G
Peter Sumpf's Die Luftwaffe schlägt zu

The author claims to have an original account taken from his interview of Bob Hans-Ekkehard.

John Beaman 26th March 2010 14:17

Re: book question
Hmmm--maybe not worth it?

Thanks, Sylvester!

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