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DDT 11th May 2018 11:55

No. 107 Sqdn
Good Morning,

During their operations in the Mediterrianen the Sqn lost 2 Blenheims on the 9th october 1941 on an anti-shillings sortie along the Sicilian coast.
One of the a/c was flown by the C/O W/Cdr. Frazer H. Harte (Obs: F/O Bloodworth, wo/ag F/O Wewage-Smith.
A 2nd Blenheim was lost, crew: Walders/Jones/Hunting.
Iím looking for the codes & s/n of the a/c , time of take-off.
Thx in advance.


Andrei Demjanko 11th May 2018 14:14

Re: No. 107 Sqdn
Blenheim IV Z7638 (W/Cdr F.A. Harte DFC, F/O C.O. Bloodworth, F/O T. Wewage-Smith, Lt E.E.A. Talbot RE) and Blenheim IV Z7644 (F/O N.W.Walders RNZAF, Sgt S.Jones, Sgt W.K.Hunting RCAF). Both aircraft crashed at Capo Sant’ Allessio at 14.40 with the loss of all aboard. Gunby and Temple says the cause was mid-air collision

DDT 11th May 2018 14:51

Re: No. 107 Sqdn

Thx a lot for your swift respons.
Thatís what Iím looking for.
So the W/Cdr plane had a 4th member.
What was his function during this sortie.
For what stands the letters ďREĒ after his name?
Kind regards,


Andrei Demjanko 11th May 2018 15:36

Re: No. 107 Sqdn

Lt Talbot was an Army Officer, attached to 107 Sqn. RE stands for Royal Engineers. Gunby and Temple says Lt Talbot was a passenger, but I personally doubt it since this was an operational sortie

DDT 11th May 2018 15:54

Re: No. 107 Sqdn

I think you are wright about that.
Anyway, this would be against the regulations, wouldnít it.
Again Many thx for your answer.


Andrei Demjanko 11th May 2018 21:27

Re: No. 107 Sqdn

I've found a little bit more info about Lt Talbot:

So he had been carrying out some kind of Intelligence duties. Anyway, the fact, that the War Office sent an urgent telegram calling on Maltaís Governor and Commander in Chief to account for the death of Lt Talbot is the most unusual.

AndreasB 12th May 2018 11:10

Re: No. 107 Sqdn
Here's the entry in the ORB:


Four Blenheims took off on a shipping sortie off the south coast of Italy. Two of these aircraft returned shortly afterwards with engine trouble. The other two Blenheims failed to return from the operation. The missing pilots are W/Cdr Harte and F/O Whitford-Walders

10 October Two Blenheims captained by Sgt. Thompson and Sgt. Anderson searched unsuccesfully for two Blenheims missing from operation on 9 October.
All the best


DDT 13th May 2018 17:03

Re: No. 107 Sqdn
Andrei, Andreas,

Thx for your additional data and links.
Quit interesting.
Scrolling through the 2nd TAF volumes for the CO during the Sqdn attachment, it seems hard to find their Christian names on the net.
Perhaps you can shed a light on these:
W/Cdrís M.E. Pollard, W.J. Scott and W.C. Maher.
Kind regards,


Col Bruggy 13th May 2018 17:48

Re: No. 107 Sqdn

43117 W/C William Christopher MAHER DFC
41615 W/C Michael Evelyn POLLARD DSO, DFC, AFC
28117 W/C William Joseph SCOTT DSO, AFC*


DDT 13th May 2018 22:10

Re: No. 107 Sqdn

Thx. Very much appriciated.


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