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keith A 6th January 2018 21:59

Lt. Col. Robert E. "Pappy" Haynes,
Haynes was a veteran bomber pilot of the ETO winning the DFC in 1943. He had served in the RCAF from 1939 before joining the USAAF. Can anyone give me details of his service and his pre-war career. He had been a pilot since 1927 therefore I assume he was an airline pilot.

He later became a B-29 airplane commander in the Pacific 1944-1945.



RSwank 7th January 2018 00:43

Re: Lt. Col. Robert E. "Pappy" Haynes,
I starting working on finding info on Haynes as he seems to have had quite a career.

Here is an article from 1940, when he joined the RCAF. I will just post the link here to see if this is going to work. Let me know whether or not you can read the article. I believe there are limits to the number of actual jpgs a person can post and I have used up much of my allowance.

When flying with the 499th Haynes had major engine problems during a mission to Nagoya on 14 May 1945 and ended up bailing out with his crew back over Iwo Jima.

The MACR is quite detailed. For those with fold3 access it starts here:

Haynes was the last to bail out and 10 seconds after he left the ship the plane exploded. Haynes landed in the water off Iwo and was rescued. Of the 12 man crew, 5 landed on Iwo. The rest landed in the water and two of those were never found.

RSwank 7th January 2018 15:45

Re: Lt. Col. Robert E. "Pappy" Haynes,
Robert married Sara Lee (Thomas) Newburn on 31 May 1929 in Des Moines. It was the second marriage for Sara. Robert lists his occupation as Aviator. I am not sure how long they were married. Robert's father, Samuel K Haynes, worked in the printing industry in Des Moines and Robert lived there during the late 1920s.

Sara (or sometimes seen as Sarah) was born Oct 20, 1905 to Morgan William Thomas and Matilda Ellen (Roberts) Thomas. (Matilda is sometimes seen as Helen or Ellen).
Sarah married Dewight Newbrun (1904-1966) and they had a child Philis (Phyllis?) born around 1925-1927. Not sure when Sarah and Dewight divorced.

Philis Newburn was living with her grandfather and grandmother (Morgan & Helen) in 1940.

I found a very interesting article in the St Louis Post Dispatch from 3 March 1929 in which Robert is mentioned. I'll try this link method again. The article goes into some detail about the local aviation scene.

Robert got his training at the Robertson Flying School in St Louis and when he graduated he had a limited commercial license. The article relates a little background on the school and mentions that Robert took his father Samuel K Haynes up for a flight. Samuel K Haynes died in Des Moines of pneumonia in August, 1929. In his obit it mentions he was survived by his wife Ellen Haynes, his son Robert E Haynes and a daughter Mrs A (Alice B) Eastwood of Georgia. No mention of Sara.

And then these from 1932:

25Kingman49 7th January 2018 18:54

Re: Lt. Col. Robert E. "Pappy" Haynes,
It appears the early 1930s were a trying time for this young aviator. Attached is the 1930 Census taken at Des Moines on 19 April 1930.

See Robert Haynes, 2nd line who is recorded as a lodger living at the YMCA.

RSwank 7th January 2018 19:59

Re: Lt. Col. Robert E. "Pappy" Haynes,
Scott, good find. I am guessing that after Robert got out of jail he may possibly have moved to California. I am not sure what all would be involved in getting his commercial license at that point. His airline experience may have been in California and not around St. Louis, MO as I first thought.

RSwank 7th January 2018 20:20

Re: Lt. Col. Robert E. "Pappy" Haynes,
I thought it might be interesting to see how the St Louis and Des Moines papers covered Haynes and Thumper in 1945.

Another interesting article before the Thumper tour. Some more "info" about Haynes.

25Kingman49 7th January 2018 20:27

Re: Lt. Col. Robert E. "Pappy" Haynes,
Certainly an interesting career path. Postwar he served as the USAAF/USAF representative at the Fairchild Aircraft Plant at Hagerstown, MD., see two articles attached.

Looks like he retired from this job and maybe the AF on 26 July 1948.

I too am at the limits of my member attachment allotment; most aggravating but understandable to keep the forum hosting volume down. One attachment here is reduced in size to a point making it difficult to read.

I'm not sure how you are doing the links (they work great!). Here are the links found maybe you can work your magic to make these more readable without attachment

Also, here is another image of the "Thumper" crew on tour, here in Evansville, Indiana

RSwank 7th January 2018 20:46

Re: Lt. Col. Robert E. "Pappy" Haynes,
Scott, I am not sure he retired in 1948 or if he did he may have rejoined. I found some references to him with the Air Force Reserve/National Guard in WI in the 1950s. I will try to find those again.

25Kingman49 7th January 2018 21:04

Re: Lt. Col. Robert E. "Pappy" Haynes,
Rolland, the article was worded oddly, he may have just been retiring from the position at Fairchild but continued to serve in the USAF elsewhere.

For "Thumper" B-29-40-BW-42-24623 [A Sq 21] fans there is an aircraft image (less crew) while on tour at Boeing Wichita here

Edit: Actually rereading the article (now attached) this was AF retirement with hopes of future employment in the motion picture business in Chicago. He may have continued in the AF reserve and resurfaced later.

RSwank 8th January 2018 01:20

Re: Lt. Col. Robert E. "Pappy" Haynes,
Here is an article in the Des Moines Register from 1943 on Haynes. This was when he returned from his tour with the 2nd BG and was about to do a bond tour with his crew of A-Merry-Can. I saw a posting on the 2nd BG site by the son of one of the crewmen of the plane who said the bond tour was actually cancelled. Again, a lot of info in the article.

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