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Von Alles 6th December 2005 20:00

Barkhorn's Dora 9
Dear Sir,
this plane will be studied in the part 2 of your book ?
what is your idea about the camouflage of this aircraft ?
One word more : félicitations (as for Sony : you've dreamed...)
Very best regards
Von Alles

Eric Larger 7th December 2005 09:05

Re: Barkhorn's Dora 9
Thanks for your nice words

No Barkhorn's Fw 190D-9 will not be studied in part II , we do not have enought information on it to complete a coherent drawing that will not produce strong reactions (ie concerning the tail band.... uzw) . This machine was produced by Focke wulf and would have find its place in part I . It may have been a machine produced in 211xxx range (either 2110xx or 2119xx batches) . It camouflage may be RLM82/83/81/76(late war's one with an overspary of RLM02) . We can easily imagine that the machine of Stab JG6 found in Reichenberg or Liberec (W.Nr 211929 - + - page 159) was close to Barkhorn's machine appearance . To note no tail band was painted .

No nothing is definitive for the moment , would we received more pictures of it and we will re-define our position. In a calmouflage point of view it is not a significant aircraft and the there are too much uncertainities to be honest with readers and present something accurate .

All the best


Von Alles 7th December 2005 16:49

Re: Barkhorn's Dora 9
Thank you Eric for your kind attention.
I have interest for this plane because of course it was a famous ace's mount with interesting markings.
With your information, I shall be able to build a model, even it will not be a 100% accurate. But it's only an hobby...
Frindly yours,
Von Alles

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