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Monaco 12th May 2018 12:38

Suomen Ilmavoimat III-VI
Dear gentlemen,
because of moving I want to offer 4 books about the Finnish air force written by Kalevi Keskinen and Kari Stenman in finnish and english language, that are actually as far as I know not available at the moment:
Suomen Ilmavoimat III, IV, V, VI (= the years 1941-44).
All books are in good condition and I would sell them for 70 plus postage or the whole bunch of 4 books for 250 plus postage.



Monaco 13th November 2018 15:08

Re: Suomen Ilmavoimat III-VI
Hey Folks, obviously some are interested- What are you Wildling to offer? The Books are in excellent condition.

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