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gilles collaveri 8th November 2019 17:31

Albatross DV history
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Dear all,

I would love to have the story of this Albatros DV Number D7124/17.

The tank behind was destroyed on 23 July 1918 in the North of Sauvillers-Mongival( Somme) , this gives some indications on the background.

Any more element ?

Thanks in advance


Frank Olynyk 9th November 2019 13:56

Re: Albatross DV history
I posted a note about your request on The Aerodrome

GregVan suggests you post the picture there, as he is not registered here.



gilles collaveri 9th November 2019 15:30

Re: Albatross DV history
Hi Frank,

I did as you suggested, and posted the picture on this forum;

thanks for your support.

Best regards


gilles collaveri 13th November 2019 16:31

Re: Albatross DV history
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I am always amazed by the strengths of the forums. Thanks to "theaerodrome" I am able to tell you the whole story about this Albatros DV tail.

Ltn Ernst Braasch from Jasta 68 was killed in action on 11 Apr 18 - combat and downed SW Braches jenseits (Aubvillers);
Ltn.d.R. Ernst Braasch was born 26.03.1895 in Niederndodeleben. His father was the Pastor Dr. Braasch.

He probably was shot down by Aspirant Jean Dubois de Gennes of Spa 57 on 11 April 1918.
But the 73 Sqn claims is interesting to look at. The circumstantial evidence certainly shows Js 68 had a combat with Camels of 73 Sqn just NE of where Braasch came down. The claim of Capt Hubbard being able to get 300-400 rounds into an EA, is suggestive of both an inexperienced opponent and decisive results even if the crash was not observed.

Here attached are (i) the picture of the grave where you can recongnize clearly the cross shape, and read the name (ii) the tail of the Albatros before the crash.

Amazing how a simple picture can trigger a whole story.

Thanks you Frank, and all


Buckeye30 16th November 2019 16:59

Re: Albatross DV history
Gilles. The Grub Street book "The Jasta pilots" says Jasta 28w but must be a mis-print as the Albatros has Js68's wide white-black bands; also the cross has been up-dated to straight style (de Gennes' claim was for a D.III and Hubbard's was for an "out of control").

gilles collaveri 3rd December 2019 10:56

Re: Albatross DV history
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My friend just sent me another picture of trhe same scene, that she found in the pile of family pictures she retrieved;

let me share it with you

now all is very clear.

best regards


Stig Jarlevik 3rd December 2019 12:23

Re: Albatross DV history

Originally Posted by Buckeye30 (Post 277987)
Gilles. The Grub Street book "The Jasta pilots" says Jasta 28w but must be a mis-print as the Albatros has Js68's wide white-black bands;

No they actually don't Nick
You are reading what they say for Ltn Braatsch (J28w) but for Braasch they have J68 alright....


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