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Broncazonk 27th June 2020 18:58

An "Extraordinary Kill" by Helmut Lipfert
On Pg. 77-80 of his exceptional book, The War Diary of Hauptmann Helmut Lipfert, it is written:

"On December 29, 1943 I made made an extraordinary kill. It was a Douglas Boston and at the same time my 80th victory. [...] It was the Gruppenkommandeur, Hptm. Barkhorn:

"I have a special assignment for you. This morning signals intelligence has learned that a high-ranking Russian officer is going to visit the bridgehead (Crimea) at about noon today. Take a Rotte and wait over the Strait of Kerch. You are to shoot him down!""

Fw. Mohr was the wingman. The Boston was escorted by eight (8) Russian fighters. {Extended description of the interception over the Strait of Kerch} then:

"Russian soldiers were swarming around the burning machine, apparently trying to rescue something. Mohr and I dove down [...] We opened fire on the Boston from 1,000 meters in order to ensure that there was nothing left for the Russians to recover."

Wow! Quite clearly a Yamamoto-like mission!

Who was the Russian officer? Are there details from the Russian side?


Adriano Baumgartner 27th June 2020 21:45

Re: An "Extraordinary Kill" by Helmut Lipfert
Bronc, for years I have also wondered who was and to which unit it belonged...Hope GABOR or other incredible Historians from the EASTERN Front will enhance our curiosity about this claim....and the persons on board.


Andrey Kuznetsov 27th June 2020 21:59

Re: An "Extraordinary Kill" by Helmut Lipfert
Hello Bronc and Adriano,

Best regards,

Nick Hector 28th June 2020 06:24

Re: An "Extraordinary Kill" by Helmut Lipfert
It helps to understand that one "Douglas" was mistakenly entered as another "Douglas"

viz: a Boston was entered instead of the correct Li-2 when the book was written after the war

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