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Fairlop 16th May 2007 22:24

Re: Operation Jubilee aircrew list
Hello Steve,

Below is list of the (red) corrections / additions.

F/L Hugo Hrbacek
F/L Viktor Kaslik
F/L Bohuslav Kimlicka
F/L Jiri Manak
F/L Frantisek Vancl claimed Do217: 0/1/0
F/L Adolf Vrana
F/O Rudolf Borovec
F/O Jiri Hartman claimed Do217: 0/0/1 and Bf110: 0/0/1
P/O Jan Doucha
P/O Karel Posta
Sgt Vaclav Ruprecht
P/O Vojtech Smolik
W/O Adolf Fornusek
W/O Jindrich Petr Skirka
W/O Jaroslav Sodek
F/S Jaroslav Dobrovolny
F/S Frantisek Mares
F/S Frantisek Mlejnecky
F/S Tomas Motycka
F/S Miloslav Petr
F/S Josef Pipa
F/S Jaroslav Sala
F/S Frantisek Vindis
Sgt Jaroslav Chlup
Sgt J. Kohart is not Czech
Sgt Vladimir Julius Kopecek
Sgt Josef Novotny
Sgt Karel Pernica claimed Do217: 0/0/1
Sgt Viktor Popelka
Sgt Antonin Prvonic
Sgt Antonin Skach
Sgt Josef Stivar
Sgt Stanislav Tocauer
Sgt Ladislav Valousek

Czechoslovaks were only one nation which during Operation Jubilee claimed victory(ies) without own losses.


Steve49 17th May 2007 11:49

Re: Operation Jubilee aircrew list

Thanks for those. You're right about the losses, though I note that Sgt Liskutin was lucky return after the heavy damage suffered to his aircraft.


1. I've got FO Hartman credited with just a Do217 0/0/1; initially he had claimed an 'Me110' damaged, but this was changed to a Do217 after the camera film had been studied.

2. I believe that 'Sgt Kohart' could be a typo for Sgt Josef Kohout, any ideas?



Stéphane Lehuédé 17th May 2007 13:42

Re: Operation Jubilee aircrew list
Thanks for sharing :)

Some other corrections and additions about french pilots, mainly from "Croix de Lorraine sur Dieppe" Yves Morieult, Aéro Editions

Commandant Emile (called François), Marie, Léonce, Fayolle
Capitaine Maurice Claisse, Free French, not South African, Awarded DFC
Capitaine René Mouchotte, awarded DFC, KIA 27/08/43 as CO of N° 341 Sqn
Lieutenant de Vaisseau Roland Béchoff
Lieutenant de Vaisseau André Gibert
Lt Jacques-Henri Schloesing, awarded DFC
F/O Roland Claude, Free French, N° 118 Sqdn, MIA 14/07/1943 Enseigne de Vaisseau N° 807 Squadron
F/O Bernard Fuchs, Free French, N° 19 Sqn, awarded DFC
Sous-lieutenant Michel Boudier, awarded DFC, POW 07/1944 Capitaine N° 341 Sqn.
Sous-lieutenant Pierre Laureys (called Kennard), awarded DFC
Sous-lieutenant Olivier Massart, awarded DFC, POW 13/03/45 Capitaine & OC N° 340 Sqn
Sous-lieutenant André Moynet
Sous-lieutenant Marcel Renaud
Sous-lieutenant Henri de Bordas, Free French, not South African
Sous-lieutenant Bernard Scheidhauer, Free French, not South African, POW 18/11/1942 N° 131 Sqn, murdered 30/3/44
P/O Jacques Andrieux, Free French, N° 130 Sqn, awarded DFC
P/O Roland Leblond DFM, Free French, N° 130 Sq
P/O Michel Bernard, Free French, N° 232 Sqn, awarded DFC
P/O Godefroy Le Gal, Free French, N° 154 Sqn
P/O Henri de Molènes, Free French, N° 91 Sqn, KIFA 27/08/1942 N° 91 Sqn
P/O Pierre, René Pabiot, Free French, N° 610 Sqn
P/O Maurice, Marie, Pierre Halna du Fretay BEM
P/O Maurice, Raymond Gaudard, KIFA 02/09/1942
P/O Jean Maridor, awarded DFC, KIA 03/08/44 F/L N° 91 Sqn.
P/O Jacques, Henri Joubert des Ouches, MIA 06/06/1944 Lt N° 345 Sqn
P/O René Royer (not Rogers) KIFA 03/09/1944 Lt N° 341 Sqn
P/O Paul-Marie Borossi, MIA 29/02/1944 Lieutenant N° 340 Sqn
Maître Gaston Kerlan
W/O Jean Buiron
F/Sgt Gilbert, Marc, Marcel Vaillant, KIFA 27/10/1943 Sous-lieutenant N° 340 Sqn
F/Sgt Fernand Horvath, Free French, N° 165 Sqn
Sergent-Chef Christian Demas, MIA 21/05/1944 Capitaine N° 340 Sqn
Sergent Marcel Bouguen, Awarded DFC KIFA 09/03/1944 Capitaine N° 341 Sqn
Sergent Marcel Reeve, KIFA 02/05/1944 Sous-lieutenant N° 340 Sqn
Sergent Raymond Taconet
Sgt André, Paul Vilboux
Sgt Arnaud, Charles, Marie de Saxcé, KIA 10/04/1945 Sous-lieutenant N° 341 Sqn

Steve49 17th May 2007 16:12

Re: Operation Jubilee aircrew list
Merci beaucoup Stephane!

I'll add the corrections to the list.

Were the decorations you mentioned awarded for their part in Operation Jubilee or ones they received later during the war?


Stéphane Lehuédé 17th May 2007 16:53

Re: Operation Jubilee aircrew list
You're welcome :)

I believe they all received their decoration later during the war.

one addition

P/O Godefroy Le Gal AFM

Fairlop 17th May 2007 22:46

Re: Operation Jubilee aircrew list


I note that Sgt Liskutin was lucky return after the heavy damage suffered to his aircraft.
Yes Liskutin´s EP559 received big damages when he forgot to watch own back during a fire on another Fw190. A time for his revenge occured some hours later ...


1. I've got FO Hartman credited with just a Do217 0/0/1; initially he had claimed an 'Me110' damaged, but this was changed to a Do217 after the camera film had been studied.
His CR mentions black Me 110, as well as the CR of No.310 Sqn.


. I believe that 'Sgt Kohart' could be a typo for Sgt Josef Kohout, any ideas?
You are right. Sgt Josef Kohout was a member of the 312 Sqn from 11/6/42 to 15/5/43.


Col Ford 18th May 2007 08:07

Re: Operation Jubilee aircrew list
Another one to add some detail to:

F/Lt Clapin {501 Sqn}

Flt Lt B P W 'Basil' Clapin - on attachment from No.268 Squadron RAF from 27 July 1942 to 27 August 1942. Attachment listed in unit ORB as to "Ibsley Wing" and also noted participation in Jubilee operations.

Awarded DFC after this timeframe.


VoyTech 18th May 2007 16:16

Re: Operation Jubilee aircrew list
Operation Jubilee Polish aircrew
G/Capt Stefan Pawlikowski (Killed on ops. 15/5/43 while flying with 315 Sqn)
S/Ldr Wojciech Kolaczkowski (not “S. Kulaczewski”)
S/Ldr Tadeusz (not “Teofil”) Nowierski DFC -(deputy C/O Northolt Wing)
S/Ldr Stanislaw (not “Stanislaw F.”) Skalski DFC, VM
F/Lt Wienczyslaw Baranski
F/Lt Zygmunt Bienkowski
F/Lt Marian Chelmecki
F/Lt Janusz (not “Jan”) Marciniak
F/Lt Jerzy Poplawski
F/Lt Marian Trzebinski
FO Jan Blaszczyk
FO Stanislaw Bochniak
FO Tadeusz Ciastula
FO Marian Cholewka
FO Eugeniusz Ebenrytter
FO Eugeniusz Horbaczewski (killed in 315 Sqn 18/8/44)
FO Roman Hrycak
FO Jan Jakubowski (killed in 318 Sqn 19/4/43)
FO Zbigniew Janicki (killed in 61st FS 56th FG 13/6/44)
FO Stanislaw Kedzierski
FO Zbigniew Kobierzycki
FO Michal Antoni Kolubinski
FO Edmund Krzeminski
FO Bruno Kudrewicz
FO Jan Kurowski
FO Tadeusz Kwiatkowski
FO Emil Landsman
FO Witold Lanowski
FO Stanislaw Lukaszewicz
FO Andrzej Malarowski -(Polish)-(87 Sqn)-
FO Florian Martini
FO Longin Majewski
FO Ryszard Malczewski
FO Stanislaw Marcisz
FO Jerzy Mencel
FO Czeslaw Mroczyk
FO Boleslaw Palej
FO Przeslaw Sadowski [his first name, very rarely used, is often “corrected” by Polish authors as “Przemyslaw”]
FO Kazimierz Sporny
FO Tadeusz Stabrowski (killed 11/3/43)
FO Sergiusz Szpakowicz (killed in 303 Sqn 25/2/45)
FO Teofil Szymankiewicz (killed in 316 Sqn 2/1/45)
FO Wladyslaw Walendowski
FO Jan Wiejski [not “Wiajaki”] -(Polish)-(403 Sqn)- (killed in 308 Sqn 3/2/43)
FO Zbigniew Wroblewski
PO Stefan Baran
PO Stanislaw Brzeski
PO Tadeusz Felc
FO Olgierd Ilinski
PO Józef Jeka
PO Zygmunt Jelinski
PO Tadeusz Kolecki
PO Marian Kotlarz
PO Bronislaw Mach
PO Michal M. Maciejowski DFM (PoW 9/8/43)
PO Stanislaw Madej
Donat Mickiewicz
PO Jan Mozolowski -(Polish)-(403 Sqn)-
PO Henryk Pietrzak
PO Jerzy Polak
PO Wladyslaw Potocki
PO Marian Rytka
PO Czeslaw Sniec
PO Stanislaw Socha
PO Grzegorz Sologub
PO Miroslaw Szelestowski
PO Witold Szyszkowski
PO Jerzy Urbanski
PO Marian Wedzik
PO Zbigniew Wojda
PO Jerzy Zbrozek
PO Tadeusz Zdzitowiecki
F/Sgt Mieczyslaw Adamek (killed in 317 Sqn 18/5/44)
F/Sgt Waclaw Giermer
F/Sgt Piotr Hanzelka
F/Sgt Wawrzyniec Jasinski
F/Sgt Kazimierz Kobusinski
F/Sgt Witold Krupa
F/Sgt Stefan Krzyzagorski
F/Sgt Ryszard Lewczynski
F/Sgt Marcin Machowiak (Died as W/O23/7/44)
F/Sgt Wladyslaw Majchrzyk
F/Sgt Jan Okroj
F/Sgt Jan Palak
F/Sgt Mieczyslaw Popek (killed 13/1/44)
F/Sgt Kazimierz Sztramko
F/Sgt Kazimierz Wunsche
Sgt Kazimierz Benzinski
Sgt Arkadiusz Bondarczuk (killed in 306 Sqn 27/9/43)
Sgt Wlodzimierz Chojnacki
Sgt Stefan Czachla
Sgt Ignacy Czajka
Sgt Stanislaw Domanski (killed in 3 Sqn RAF 3/7/44)
Sgt Waclaw Fraczek
Sgt Ryszard Gorecki
Sgt Stanislaw Gorny
Sgt Władyslaw Gretkierewicz
Sgt Wladyslaw Grobelny
Sgt Erwin Janusz (Killed 22/8/43)
Sgt Jozef Karczmarz (PoW 24/6/43)
Sgt Werner Kirchner
Sgt Adam Kolczynski
Sgt Marian Kordasiewicz
Sgt Waclaw Korwel
Sgt Eustachy Lucyszyn
Sgt Feliks Marek
Sgt Jan Osoba (killed 14/5/43)
Sgt Wladyslaw Pawlowski
Sgt Aleksander Rokitnicki
Sgt Alojzy Rutecki (killed 20.8.45)
Sgt Waclaw Michal (aka Winslow Michael) Sobanski -(Polish)-(416 Sqn)-
Sgt Józef Stasik (killed 31/8/44)
Sgt Wladyslaw Sznapka
Sgt Adam Tiahnybok
Sgt Tadeusz Turek


PO Prince Emanuel Galitzine was born in a family of White Russians, but he was a British subject
F/Sgt Peter E.G. Durnford DFM

Steve49 18th May 2007 18:11

Re: Operation Jubilee aircrew list
VoyTech, thanks for those I'll work my way through them.

Colin, thanks for that information. The ORB is correct he flew one sortie with the squadron during the day.



SteveB 18th May 2007 20:14

Re: Operation Jubilee aircrew list
Hi Steve

Back again with one more I believe it was S/Ldr E H P Wheller from 171Sqn.

I have really enjoyed perusing your list and will probably do some more! I am struck by at least two things.

The way you have arranged the list in order of rank gives a very powerful representation of the structure of the RAF, the shape of the pyramid in the RAF with nine pages of P/Offs and 12 pages of Sgts!

I am struck by the small number of Australians (17?). I wonder if it was simply the case that not so many Aussies had come through the pipeline by August 1942. However in my experience of poring over quite a few ORBs I have found that many ORBs do not clearly record where pilots were from the Commonwealth countries perhaps that may be a contributory factor.

You are going to have to write another book about Dieppe now.


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