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Håkan 2nd December 2018 13:22

Scuola Alta Velocità

In the latest number of FlyPast (December 2018) there is a couple of interesting articles about the Schneider Trophy. In the article of the Italian participants (“Italian Stallions”) the “Scuola Alta Velocità” is mentioned. Is there anyone, who have a complete rooster of the pilots that went through this school?

I know following pilots:
Ernesto Botto ( – he continued to use the issued red flying helmet during the beginning of the Second World War, possibly to be better recognizable by his men in the heat of the combat.
Dulio Fanalli (
Mario Bacich

My main question is if there were more of the pilots from the school that became successful combat pilots/leaders during the Spanish Civil War and/or World War II?

Best wishes/Håkan

RSwank 2nd December 2018 15:46

Re: Scuola Alta Velocità
There is an article here which mentions several pilots.

Of those mentioned, I could find that:

Alberto Canaveri served in both Spanish Civil War and WWII

Remo Cadringher, served in WWII, 150th Aerosilators Autonomous Group and Deputy Chief of Staff of the National Republican Air Force.

Håkan 2nd December 2018 19:27

Re: Scuola Alta Velocità

Thanks for the reply!


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