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David E. Brown 26th November 2021 03:08

Manfred Boehme Contact Information

Myself and a colleague in Germany have been unsuccessful in trying to contact Manfred Boehme. I believe I have his correct mailing address (as confirmed by others), though acknowledge that it could have changed in the last year or so.

I would therefore appreciate if fellow members could contact me via a PM with his address and possibly a phone number. This was provided to me by the late and much missed Richard Eger some years ago, but has subsequently been lost/misplaced.

Many thanks,


Steve Coates 9th January 2022 19:21

Re: Manfred Boehme Contact Information

Apologies for my slightly belated response. I don't have Manfred's phone number but his postal address has been unchanged for a while. I recently had a letter from him so pleasingly he remains in good health. Let me know what address you have via PM.


David E. Brown 9th January 2022 22:04

Re: Manfred Boehme Contact Information
Thanks Steve,

That is great news. I understood he has had some health challenges for some time. Our communication has been quiet for some time.

The address I had in my files was confirmed by another colleague to be the correct one. Recently we were pleased to get a response from him.

Nevertheless I appreciate your willingness to assist Steve.



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