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Daniele Gatti 30th August 2009 14:19

A6M5a Saburo Sakai
Hi to all!!
My name is Daniele..
I'm an italian man..

Are there some photos (or profiles) of Saburo's Zero A6M5a?

I find only one pic of ヨ-137 aircraft..(Yokosuka Kokutai, August 1945)..
But it's A6M5c..Not A6M5a..

Best regards, Daniele. :)

Jan Gazda 31st August 2009 11:10

Re: A6M5a Saburo Sakai
As far as I know there are not known photos of this aircraft. May be guys from could give you more precise info..


Daniele Gatti 31st August 2009 11:37

Re: A6M5a Saburo Sakai
In June and early July 1944 Sakai flew with the Yokosuka Kokutai based on Iwo Jima where he claimed 5 Hellcat victories flying Zeroes, 3 on 24th June and 1 each on the 4th and 5th July. During this time he would have been flying A6M5 or A6M5a aircraft, unfortunately there is no mention of aircraft codes..

The doubts are really these..
ヨ-137 was also a A6M5a? Or was only a A6M5c?
I have no idea..

Thanks a lot..It's all the same.. :)

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