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Nokose 17th November 2013 06:07

Is there a possibility of seeing this last volume of the eastern front for 1943 by Christmas or at the latest Jan 2014? So far have enjoyed the first two volumes.

Jochen Prien 22nd November 2013 12:30

Re: JFV 12/III?
There's good and there's bad news - to start with the latter, the publisher has just informed me that we won't meet the envisaged launching date before Christmas, and the good news is that it will be in January instead.


Jochen Prien

stefanbuss 9th January 2014 21:25

Re: JFV 12/III?
Dear Jochen,

is there any update regarding the availability of vol. 12/III?


Nokose 22nd January 2014 17:02

Re: JFV 12/III?
Jochen, Are we looking for a February date now? I know that it's out of your control at this point but hopefully soon.

stefanbuss 22nd January 2014 18:27

Re: JFV 12/III?
Jochen's homepage states February 14th as date of availability.


Nokose 24th January 2014 22:36

Re: JFV 12/III?
Just got my pre-order put in for this volume.

Maciej Góralczyk 17th February 2014 22:37

Re: JFV 12/III?
The book arrived today and seems to be as excellent as the previous volumes.
Also, I have an impression that the photos are reproduced slightly better than in the last volume.

Andrey Kuznetsov 24th February 2014 14:05

Re: JFV 12/III?
Hello Maciej,


Originally Posted by Maciej Góralczyk (Post 180333)
The book arrived today

is it about JFV III./12? says it out of stock yet.

Best regards,

John Beaman 24th February 2014 17:27

Re: JFV 12/III?
Andrey, I think you are saying that C-M is out of stock?

It may be that they are out of stock, but I am sure they will replenish and Dr. Prien can also help if you want one. PM him.

Andrey Kuznetsov 24th February 2014 17:48

Re: JFV 12/III?
Hello John,

what is it "C-M"?

Best regards,

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