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Edward L. Hsiao 9th March 2020 08:27

Oberst Gerhard Bauer
Do you have any information at all on the life of Oberst Gerhard Bauer who was the commanding officer of the Kdo LSK/LV NVA (East German Air Force) from 1956 to 1957. Was he a Luftwaffe officer pilot during World War II?

Edward L. Hsiao

Edward L. Hsiao 26th March 2020 23:32

Re: Oberst Gerhard Bauer
Do have any imformation at all about this East German officer?

Edward L. Hsiao

AndyMa 27th March 2020 13:07

Re: Oberst Gerhard Bauer
There are two Gerhard Bauers listed in the "Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries":
One was killed in action.
There is little detail on the other.

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