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kaki3152 24th March 2020 04:25

Two Unknown Aircraft
Found these pictures of two multi engines aircraft that I do not recognize. Hopefully, someone can recognize them. One, I suspect, is German.

Tom Willis 24th March 2020 04:44

Re: Two Unknown Aircraft
The first one is a Nakajima G8N four-engined prototype surrounded by Japaneses personnel and the 2nd is a Whitley IV if I can remember crashed in Holand - do not have the serial number to hand sorry

kaki3152 24th March 2020 12:48

Re: Two Unknown Aircraft
Thanks Tom. Figure an expert like you could readily identify these airplanes.

joel husson 24th March 2020 12:59

Re: Two Unknown Aircraft
foto n2
Whitley mk V, N1377, DY-B,
possibly crashed in Holland

Bertrand H 24th March 2020 14:09

Re: Two Unknown Aircraft
1 Attachment(s)

the full aircraft

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