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John Beaman 24th February 2014 19:13

Re: JFV 12/III?

A screw up on my part (flying fingers). Sorry, I meant

Nokose 24th February 2014 21:24

Re: JFV 12/III?
I got a email from Gabi this weekend that it was there and sent them my payment.

John Manrho 24th February 2014 21:45

Re: JFV 12/III?
I got mine on Feb 18th (direct ordering at Rogge) and it looks great. A lot of reading to do.....



Andrey Kuznetsov 25th February 2014 07:20

Re: JFV 12/III?
Thank you, Gentlemen!

Best regards,

newcomer 26th February 2014 09:37

Re: JFV 12/III?
Hello Gentlemans,

does anyone can answer to me how many copies of that book printed?

kind regards


stefanbuss 26th February 2014 16:02

Re: JFV 12/III?

you should ask this kind of question to Jochen Prien directly.


edwest 28th March 2014 04:58

Re: JFV 12/III?
It's available here:

Usual disclaimer,

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