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Eric Rader 23rd January 2018 17:52

The Darkest Hour
Just wondering if anyone here has seen this newly-released movie about Churchill and the Battle of Britain? If, as in the movie Dunkirk, how much of this movie details the air war between the RAF and the Luftwaffe? Thank you in advance for any input. I have seen the movie: Dunkirk-- Eric

Alfred.MONZAT 24th January 2018 10:39

Re: The Darkest Hour
I have not seen the movie yet but I have asked a friend when it sets and he said it's in the May/June 1940 time period.

Crimea River 26th January 2018 04:19

Re: The Darkest Hour
Correct. It culminates with his Fight on the Beaches speech and is pre-BoB. Very little air warfare stuff. I recall one brief scene of He 111s bombing the Calais area.

Nick Beale 27th January 2018 23:06

Re: The Darkest Hour
I saw it today and found it very good (barring the ridiculous invented scene on the tube train). Aviation-wise:

1.) I doubt that an Air Marshal in 1940 would speak of "fighter planes" rather than "fighters" or "fighter aircraft".
2.) When will SFX departments learn that aircraft did not fly in immaculate close formation at night?
3.) And when will films set in 1940-41 grasp the essential feature of the blackout — that you don't show any lights? They have Churchill on the Treasury roof with several lit-up windows/roof lights around him.
4.) On the plus-side, the CGI London skyline doesn't feature either the usual lone barrage balloon or randomly-waving searchlights.

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