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Steve Smith 12th August 2019 01:47

NA Help Needed

Having a real problem trying to find the references ( if they exist ) for the station records books for the following under Air 28.

RAF Usworth 1935-1940
RAF West Freugh 1936-1940
RAF Turnhouse 1936-1940
RAF Upper Heyford 1936-1938

Any help really appreciated.



Nick Beale 13th August 2019 12:00

Re: NA Help Needed
Using TNA Discovery's advanced search brought up AIR 28/870, ORB RAF Usworth, 1937 Feb.–1941 Mar.

In the "all these words" box I put Usworth
Search within these references: AIR
Date range: 1935 to 1945

I'll leave you to try the others!

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