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TAGlob 29th December 2016 08:03

Information about my uncle
Hello. I'm looking for information about my uncle (my father's brother). Here is what I know (from the Volksbund Deutscher Kriegsgraeberfuersorge website):

Name: Guenther Globig
Born: July 05, 1920
Place of birth: Gross Schoche
Rank: Feldwebel
Died: May 28, 1944
Place of death: Tolleinen by Hohenstein (Ostpreussen, today Tolejny in Poland)
Buried: Tolleinen by Hohenstein

Before he passed away, my father told me that Guenther crash landed after a training run.

Now for the speculation: There was an airfield in Grieslienen (today Gryzliny), which is only a few miles from Tolleinen. III./KG3 was stationed there from March to June 1944. III./KG3 flew Ju 88 A's, then was switched to Heinkel He 111 H's starting in March 1944. Perhaps Guenther crash landed while learning to fly the He 111's.

I assume that there must have been some sort of crash report. How would I go about finding that, and any other information about my uncle?

Follow-up question: Is there a way to search the Volksbund website by date of death and location of death? Presumably there were other crew members who died in the same crash.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Revi16 29th December 2016 16:10

Re: Information about my uncle
This list shows Luftwaffe Officer Careers,

Since your Uncle was not an officer he would not be on this list, but I did find another "Globig". Perhaps another relative of yours? (page 63 of the .pdf)

Norbert Schuchbauer 29th December 2016 16:29

Re: Information about my uncle
Try to contact WASt in Berlin. It worked for me.
Deutsche Dienststelle für die Benachrichtigung der nächsten Angehörigen von Gefallenen der ehemaligen deutschen Wehrmacht.
Eichborndamm 179
13403 Berlin



Matti Salonen 29th December 2016 17:11

Re: Information about my uncle
1944-05-28, 7./KG 3, He 111 H-16, 161391, 5K+CR, Tolleinen bei Hohenstein
Flugzeugführer Olt Reil, Franz, +
Bordfunker Fw Globig, Günther, +
1.Wart Fw Sünkel, Peter, +
Überschlag bei Notlandung infolge Luftschraubenmängel. Bruch ? %.


Stig Jarlevik 30th December 2016 00:32

Re: Information about my uncle

Nothing to do with me, but thanks for coming to the 'rescue' (so many times before) of a relative seeking information to a sort family 'trauma'.

Again my hats off for caring!!

B Rgds

Adriano Baumgartner 30th December 2016 20:55

Re: Information about my uncle
STIG, you are quite right!

MATTI have helped many relatives and many researchers with his amazing source of information. Congratulations Matti, we owe you a lot!


TAGlob 30th December 2016 23:06

Re: Information about my uncle
To all - thank you very much for your help.

Matti - a follow-up question - what is the 6 digit number ("161391") in the first line?

Matti Salonen 31st December 2016 07:48

Re: Information about my uncle
Werknummer of the aircraft.


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